Automate daily product updates to your Twitter account. Schedule posts, exclude products, and boost visibility. Monthly pricing starts at $9.95.

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Twitter Auto Posting

Twitter Auto Posting

Auto post about new products on Twitter


Twitter Auto Posting is an app designed to provide Shopify store owners with an automated way to post product updates to their Twitter accounts every day. Products can be scheduled to appear on Twitter at any time desired, and each post will feature a different message to provide a more authentic look for the account. Store owners can also opt to exclude certain products from the newsfeed, and can add as many message templates as desired. With the help of Twitter Auto Posting, Shopify store owners can increasingly boost their visibility, demonstrate loyalty to their customers, and grow their sales quickly and easily. The app is available for a monthly price starting at $9.95, with a 90 day free trial and priority support offered for an additional $18.95/month fee.


  • Schedule Posts: Twitter Auto Posting allows store owners to schedule their product updates to appear on Twitter at any time they desire, allowing them to control the presence of their account.
  • Unique Messages: Each product update is accompanied by a different message, which can be added by the store owner. This helps to create an authentic look for the account and increases its visibility.
  • Exclude Products: Store owners have the ability to exclude certain products from the newsfeed, which helps to curate the tweets that appear on their account.
  • Multiple Templates: Store owners can add as many message templates as they would like to their account, which will help to keep customers interested in their offerings.
  • Boost Visibility: Twitter Auto Posting helps to increase the visibility of the store owner’s Twitter page, which can help to attract more customers and increase sales.
  • Demonstrate Loyalty: The app can help to demonstrate to customers a store owner's loyalty and commitment to their brand.
  • Increased Sales: By increasing brand visibility and providing customers with an engaging experience, Twitter Auto Posting can help to increase the store owner’s sales.
  • Simple Setup: The app is easy to install and setup, so store owners can get started quickly and without any delay.
  • Dynamic Interface: Twitter Auto Posting provides a dynamic interface which allows for easy control of the product updates posted to the account.


Twitter Auto Posting is offered for a monthly fee starting at $9.95, with priority support available for an additional fee of $18.95/month. This makes the app one of the most competitively priced automated posting apps on the market. Additionally, the app also offers a 90 day free trial, so store owners can try out the app and decide if it is a good fit for their needs before committing.