Boost sales with Stamped for Shopify. Showcase reviews, photos, and more. Customize widgets, integrate Google Ratings, and enhance SEO.

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Stamped Product Reviews & UGC

Stamped Product Reviews & UGC

Product reviews & rating app, photo reviews, referrals, NPS


Stamped is an app for Shopify that helps merchants to boost their revenues and conversions by collecting and showcasing high-converting reviews and ratings, photos, videos, and community question and answer (Q&A), as well as Google Reviews and Shoppable Instagram. The app provides fully customizable platform for onsite display widgets, Google Seller & Product Ratings integration, and more. The app also offers optimized Search Rich Snippets to help with Google Shopping and SEO. Stamped offers a free plan and 7-day free trial for its various pricing plans.


  • Product reviews, NPS, Q&A, Google Reviews & Shoppable Instagram: Stamped helps merchants capture high-converting reviews and ratings, photos, videos, and Q&A from customers to boost their revenues and conversions.
  • Search Rich Snippets for SEO: Stamped app provides optimized Search Rich Snippets to help with Google Shopping and SEO.
  • On-site display widgets: Stamped Reviews is a fully customizable platform with on-site display widgets, banners, templates and emails to easily increase your review conversions.
  • Google integration: Stamped app offers Google integration so that merchants can benefit from higher ranking on Google Seller & Product Ratings.
  • Moderation & commenting: Stamped also allows merchants to moderate and comment on reviews they receive.
  • Automatic import of product reviews: The app automatically imports reviews from sites like Trustpilot, ResellerRatings, Amazon & eBay.
  • Photo & video reviews: Merchants can get in-depth reviews from their customers by accepting photos and videos.
  • Instagram Shoppable Gallery: Stamped allows merchants to add pictures of their products in their own Instagram Shoppable Gallery to encourage more purchases.
  • Checkout Reviews: Merchants can prompt customers to take a review after the checkout process, so businesses can get more in-depth feedback from customers.
  • Community Q&A: Merchants can leverage the power of collective intelligence by allowing customers to ask each other questions about their products.


Stamped Reviews offers a free plan with 7-day free trial. Additional pricing plans include Lite (Free), Basic ($23/month), Premium ($59/month), and Business ($149/month). Merchants can pick their plan based on their needs and budget. With the help of Stamped Reviews, merchants can collect feedback from customers, optimize their SEO and Google Shopping, and showcase photos, videos and user-generated content to boost their revenues and conversions. Try it today and benefit from the best of customer insights.