Streamline bundling on Shopify with FC Simple Bundles & Kits. Create multi-packs and subscription bundles effortlessly for enhanced fulfillment.

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FC Simple Bundles & Kits

FC Simple Bundles & Kits

Single & multi-SKU bundles, infinite options, 3PL fulfillment


FC Simple Bundles & Kits App is a great Shopify app that helps store owners create bundles, multi-packs, subscription bundles, and more with just a few clicks of the mouse. It enables them to break down bundles into individual SKUs and sync their real-time inventory with a single SKU. The app also integrates with upsell & subscription apps, 3PL, WMS, MCF, and shipping software, and works with multiple locations as well. It is a must-have Shopify app for every store owner that wants to increase their conversions, improve their order fulfillment processes and add more value to their customers.


  • No Code Required: With FC Simple Bundles & Kits App, you can create bundles with just a few clicks of the mouse. No coding skills or extra time is needed to set up complex bundles with different types of options.
  • See All Bundle Contents: This feature allows store owners to keep track of all their bundle contents to ensure inventory stays up to date and orders can be quickly picked and packed.
  • Build Multi-Pack Bundles: With this feature, store owners can bundle together different products in multiple packs and offer bundle deals to their customers.
  • Integrates With Upsell & Subscription Apps: FC Simple Bundles & Kits App integrates seamlessly with upsell & subscription apps, 3PL, WMS, MCF and shipping software.
  • Multi-Location Support: This app supports multiple locations, allowing store owners to quickly switch and manage their inventory from any location.
  • Dashboard Management: FC Simple Bundles & Kits App features an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy for users to track and monitor their inventory, orders and bundle contents in real-time.
  • Coupon Support: This feature allows store owners to set coupon codes for their bundles, giving their customers the option to enjoy extra discounts when purchasing bundles.
  • Inventory & Order Management: Store owners can easily manage their inventory and orders directly from the FC Simple Bundles & Kits App, without having to go through any complicated procedures.
  • Customer Centric: This app helps store owners serve their customers better by providing them with an efficient and easy way to purchase bundles with whatever combination of products they desire.
  • Bulk Import & Export: The app supports bulk import and export of bundles, which further speeds up the process and reduces manual work.


FC Simple Bundles & Kits App has pricing plans to suit the needs of every store owner. There is a free plan which is ideal for beginners and small businesses. The PRO plan costs $24 per month and is recommended for intermediate store owners who want to take their business up a notch. Finally, the SHOPIFY PLUS plan costs $99 per month and is suitable for large businesses and enterprises. All plans include full access to the features of the app.