Ark — Checkout Upsell & Survey

Ark — Checkout Upsell & Survey

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Thank You Page Builder: Cart, Upsell Recommendations & BOGO

Ark — Checkout Upsell & Survey

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Shopify merchants looking to drive more sales from their existing customers and acquire feedback from them should not look any further than Ark — Checkout Upsell & Survey, a powerful app that enables users to create custom thank you pages with attractive upsell and cross sell offers, post-purchase surveys, free gifts and free shipping. With the drag and drop editor on any theme, merchants can take full control of their thank you page in no time.


  • Drag & Drop Editor: This feature allows merchants to create different versions of thank you pages with a drag and drop system or customization in HTML.
  • Product Recommendations: It is possible to add product recommendations to the thank you page to increase sales and AOV.
  • Post Purchase Upsell & Cross Sell Offers: The app features attractive upsell and cross sell offers which appear directly on the thank you page.
  • Collect Birthdays and Offer Discounts: Merchants can collect customers birth dates and offer them discounts, free products and shipping in order to drive more sales.
  • Post Purchase Surveys & Quizzes: With this feature, merchants can collect feedback from customers through surveys and quizzes.
  • Powerful Analytics: This feature allows merchants to track the conversion rate, ROI, and AOV.
  • Design Control: Merchants have total control over colors, texts and design to match their store theme.
  • A/B Testing: Merchants can A/B test different versions of their thank you page in order to find out what works best.
  • Secure Checkout and Data: Customers can securely checkout and their data is encrypted and stored safely.
  • Multi-Language Support: This feature supports multiple languages in order to reach international customers.


Ark — Checkout Upsell & Survey is free to install, so there is no cost to start using it.