Collect and showcase product reviews, testimonials, and ratings with Rivyo. Build trust and boost organic traffic.

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Rivyo - Product Reviews & QA

Rivyo - Product Reviews & QA

Collect Reviews & UGC to increase conversions w/ social proof


Rivyo is an all-in-one platform designed to help Shopify store owners collect and showcase product reviews, testimonials, reviews & ratings popups, and store average reviews to build trust among customers, boost organic traffic, and increase visibility on search engine result pages. The comprehensive set of features and analytics provided by Rivyo enable Shopify users to succeed in their ecommerce endeavors.


  • Showcase Product Reviews & Testimonials: Rivyo makes it easy to showcase product reviews and testimonials to build brand trust and credibility. This feature allows merchants to create and manage custom reviews to increase brand identity, while also leveraging Rivyo’s automatic review request emails to collect reviews.
  • Bulk Import Reviews: Rivyo allows merchants to quickly bulk import valuable reviews back to their store from Amazon and AliExpress. This feature provides the flexibility to leverage product reviews from other retailers in order to boost their stores’ credibility.
  • Rating Pop-up Widget: The Rating Pop-up Widget feature on Rivyo allows store owners to display ratings and store averages on their homepage in order to build loyalty and build a strong reputation.
  • Highlighted Product Reviews: Rivyo allows merchants to highlight all product reviews on their store in order to draw more attention and increase their brand identity.
  • Automated Review Request Emails: Rivyo provides the ability to collect more reviews by sending automated customised review request emails. This feature allows store owners to send personalised follow-up emails in order to facilitate and improve review collection efforts.
  • Google Shopping Highlights: Rivyo also provides the ability to highlight reviews on Google Shopping to boost organic traffic and increase visibility on the search engine result page.
  • Integrations: Rivyo has seamless integrations with both AliExpress and Amazon, providing store owners with the flexibility to import reviews from both platforms.
  • Visual Insights: Rivyo offers a comprehensive set of analytics in order to gain detailed insights into your reviews. This allows merchants to identify areas of improvement in order to improve their performance.
  • Multilingual Support: Rivyo provides multilingual support for store owners around the world, allowing them to run their business in any of the 12 languages supported by Rivyo.
  • Unlimited Reviews: Rivyo offers an unlimited number of reviews for each store, allowing store owners to gain more insights and to better understand the needs of their customers.


Rivyo has a free plan that is complemented by a 7-day free trial. For users who require more features and customization options, Rivyo has several paid plans available, ranging from the INDIE plan at $9/month to the ENTERPRISE plan at $19/month.