Boost credibility and sales with Rivo Product Reviews App & UGC. Collect photos and feedback from customers.

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Rivo Product Reviews

Rivo Product Reviews

Collect Reviews & UGC to increase conversions w/ social proof


The Rivo Product Reviews App & UGC is a great tool for boosting the credibility and sales of your store. It enables customers to leave photos and feedback on their purchases and be rewarded for doing so. With customizable discounts for reviews, it incentivizes customers to leave positive reviews and comments that help build credibility for your store. Rivo provides a modern and customizable on-page popup form for collecting photo reviews and ratings. This helps to drive sales by giving social proof to prospective customers and enticing them to make a purchase. In addition, automatic post-purchase review request emails can be sent to customers after they receive their order. Furthermore, the Rivo Product Reviews App & UGC is fully customizable with app branding to suit your website's look and feel. This allows you to make sure your store looks the way you want it to and creates an overall polished look.


  • Collect photo reviews and ratings through a modern on-page popup form: reviewing products through photos helps customers have a more visual representation of the product they purchased and can add to the overall credibility of your store.
  • Build credibility by showing reviews with a beautiful Pinterest-style photo grid: this feature allows your store to display reviews in a visually appealing way that captures the attention of prospective customers and encourages them to purchase.
  • Send automatic post-purchase review request emails so customers can review: this feature allows you to automatically send out requests for reviews to customers. This increases the likelihood that reviews from customers will be seen.
  • Offer an automatic or manual discount code as an incentive for leaving a review: this feature encourages customers to leave reviews on their purchases. This helps to build credibility and drive sales.
  • Fully customizable app branding to suit your website's look and feel: with this feature, you can customize the look and feel of your store to create a cohesive look that draw customers in.


The Rivo Product Reviews App & UGC is free to use, requiring no payment for users. This makes it a great tool for merchants of all sizes to start building credibility and driving sales.