Connect with customers via WhatsApp. Recover abandoned carts and provide a great user experience. Powerful automated tools.

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Whatsapp Chat + Abandoned Cart

Whatsapp Chat + Abandoned Cart

AUTOMATED Abandoned Cart Recovery via WhatsApp + Chat Button


The Whatsapp Chat + Abandoned Cart app for Shopify is a great tool for businesses of all sizes to easily connect with their customers and provide a great user experience. This app enables customers to chat directly with their customers on Whatsapp, allowing them to receive and respond quickly to queries, orders and other important enquiries. The app also provides powerful automated tools for cart recovery, order confirmation, tracking updates, and more. With the automated tools, businesses can quickly recover abandoned carts, ensure timely order confirmations, and provide up-to-date tracking information. It also allows businesses to create a customisable 'About Us' page, link Facebook Messenger, embed FAQs, and embed a sign-up form. Top 10


  • Whatsapp Chat: This feature allows businesses to communicate with customers directly on Whatsapp. It connects customers directly to the business, allowing them to reply quickly to queries, orders, and other important inquiries.
  • Automated Cart Recovery: The automated cart recovery feature helps businesses to recover abandoned carts quickly and easily. This tool helps to bring back lost customers and reduce cart abandonment rates.
  • Order Confirmation: This feature helps businesses easily confirm orders and keep customers up-to-date on their order status.
  • Tracking Updates: Automated tracking updates help keep customers informed on their orders as they move through the order process.
  • Customizable ‘About’ Page: The app allows businesses to create a customizable ‘About Us' page, helping to provide a great user experience and make customers more informed about the business.
  • Link Facebook Messenger: This feature enables businesses to link their Facebook Messenger account to their Whatsapp Chat, allowing customers to easily reach them through both platforms.
  • Embed FAQs: The app allows businesses to easily embed frequently asked questions, helping customers to quickly find the information they are looking for.
  • Embed a Sign-Up Form: This feature allows businesses to include a sign-up form in their Whatsapp Chat, helping to easily capture customer data and build their mailing list.
  • Multi-Operator Support: This feature enables businesses to assign multiple operators and operators’ roles, allowing them to quickly and easily respond to customer inquiries.
  • Customizable Chat Widget: The app allows businesses to easily customize their chat widget and make it match their brand logo and design, helping to create a great user experience.


The Whatsapp Chat + Abandoned Cart app for Shopify is free to install. Additional charges may apply for the automated messages for abandoned cart recovery and order confirmation. There are no monthly fees for the app. The automated messages will be charged as per the Whatsapp charges, at 0.009$ IND and .025$ US.