Elevate your collection pages with product videos using Autoplay Video Galleries. Increase conversions and engagement with visual templates.

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Autoplay Video Galleries

Autoplay Video Galleries

Autoplay videos for collections pages to boost product views


Autoplay Video Galleries is an app that allows you to improve the design of your collection pages with engaging product videos. This app enables you to easily replace any product’s image with video, which can lead to more product views and an increase in conversions. Videos can show at a glance what the product is about and when used as the first impression of a product can have a significant impact on potential customers. Autoplay Video Galleries also provides 30+ visual templates and allows you to create social-media-like video galleries.


  • Replace images with videos: Easily replace any product’s image with a video for an improved visual experience for your customers.
  • Choose from 30+ visual templates: Autoplay Video Galleries offers 30+ visual templates to choose from to ensure a professional look for your collection pages.
  • Use videos to highlight items: Create engaging product videos that can effectively highlight items in your inventory and attract new customers.
  • Create social-media-like video galleries: The app enables you to create social-media-like video galleries to showcase your products.
  • Mobile friendly: Autoplay Video Galleries is mobile friendly, so customers can access your product videos on mobile devices, too.
  • Video Analytics: Monitor the performance of your product videos with statistics and analysis tools.
  • Multi-Product Videos: Easily create multi-product videos to showcase multiple items in your inventory.
  • Auto-Start Videos: Automatically start playing your product videos for improved engagement with viewers.
  • Auto-Pause Videos: Automatically pause your product videos for better performance.
  • Bulk Upload Videos: Easily upload videos in bulk for quick and easy setup.


Autoplay Video Galleries offers a free plan with a 7-day free trial to allow you to test out the app's features and determine if it is right for you. The Pro Plan is $19/month.