Simplify digital downloads with Downloadable Digital Assets. Protect files, offer fast downloads, and track emails and orders effortlessly. Free installation.

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Downloadable Digital Assets

Downloadable Digital Assets

Sell all digital downloads, digital products, PDFs, eBooks


Downloadable Digital Assets is an app developed by Shopify experts to help make selling digital downloads easier and more reliable. With this app you can protect your digital files with enhanced digital file protection, provide a sleek and effortless digital download experience, sell any kind of file size and type using the fastest digital download servers, and track emails and orders to verify customers. This app also offers features such as setting limitations, release dates, CSV imports, PDF stamping, and language changes. Downloadable Digital Assets is free to install.


  • Enhanced Digital File Protection: Downloadable Digital Assets protects your digital files from prohibited file sharing.
  • Sleek and Effortless Digital Download Experience: With this app, your customers can easily access their digital download making the entire experience smoother.
  • Fastest Digital Download Servers: Downloadable Digital Assets offers the fastest download speeds for digital files so your customers get their products quickly.
  • Email and Order Tracking: Downloadable Digital Assets verifies that customers are reporting correctly with email and order tracking.
  • Setting Limitations: With this app you can set limitations on your digital downloads.
  • Release Dates: You can also set release dates for your digital downloads if necessary.
  • CSV Imports: Use CSV imports as an efficient way to upload your digital downloads.
  • PDF Stamping: Add your own branding to each digital download with PDF Stamping.
  • Language Changes: Customize the language used in your digital product descriptions.
  • Fraud and Copyright Protection: Downloadable Digital Assets solves fraud and copyright with its security features.


Downloadable Digital Assets is free to install.