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Collections Sort & Categories

Collections Sort & Categories

Use product sorting, smart collection pages & cross-sell to boost profit


The Collections Sort & Categories app for Shopify provides a comprehensive suite of advanced merchandising and product sorting tools for ecommerce stores. This enables store owners to increase sales, optimize their inventory, and create an impressive customer experience. The app is powered by Kimonix’s AI-driven collection creator, which allows store owners to effortlessly manage and organize their collections. Additionally, the app provides collection sorting algorithms, cross-sells based on frequently bought together items, and collection page A/B testing. With these tools, merchants can set up unique collections and segment collections as needed. Moreover, store owners can use personalized collection pages to drive sales from email marketing campaigns.


  • Advanced Collection Manager: The app’s advanced collection manager allows store owners to easily create and manage their store’s collections. With this tool, store owners can build multi-segment collections and choice automated collections.
  • Smart Collection Resort: Store owners can use the app’s smart collection sorting algorithms to optimize their collections. Using analytics and personalization, merchants can organize their collections according to their desired criteria such as customer preferences, location, and more.
  • Collection Page Product Cross-Sell: The app’s cross-sell feature provides store owners with the ability to suggest ‘frequently bought together items’ on their collection pages. This helps store owners to increase add-on sales and drive more profits.
  • Collection A/B Testing: The app’s collection A/B testing feature enables store owners to compare two collections or product sorting strategies and identify which works best. This helps store owners to make informed decisions and ensure their collections are optimized for customer satisfaction.
  • Personalized Collection Pages: The app’s personalized collection pages allow store owners to create customized collection pages for email marketing campaigns. This helps the store to stand out and boost the customer experience.
  • Automated Collection Management: The app’s automated collection management tools help store owners to quickly and easily create collections that are tailored to their business goals. This enables store owners to increase customer engagement and maximize their profits.
  • Advanced Analytics: The app’s advanced analytics feature provides store owners with detailed insights into their collections and product sorting strategies. This helps store owners to track the performance of their collections and identify areas of improvement.
  • Visual Builder: The app’s visual builder allows store owners to customize their collections in minutes. This enables merchants to quickly configure their collections and make changes without code.
  • Multi-Platform Compatible: The app is multi-platform compatible, meaning it can be used on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android devices. This enables store owners to manage their collections on the go.


The app provides four different pricing plans, ranging from $19/month to $589/month. Additionally, the app offers a 14-day free trial, so store owners can test the features before committing to a plan.