Boost Shopify sales with GLO Related Products, Upsell. Offer personalized product recommendations to increase average order value.

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GLO Related Products, Upsell

GLO Related Products, Upsell

Frequently Bought Together, Upsell & Recommended Products


GLO Related Products, Upsell is a Shopify App developed to increase average order value for store owners. With this app, store owners can show various recommendations based on various criteria such as product tags, vendor, type, cart page, checkout page, thank you page and so on. Its key features include personalized product recommendations, cross sell, upsell, recently viewed and many more. Along with its powerful features, it also offers a 7-day free trial, making it cost effective and efficient.


  • 3 Styles for Frequently Bought Together Products: This feature enables users to display frequently bought together products in Amazon, Line or Grid style.
  • Display Related Products: Store owners can display related products on any page in their store.
  • In Cart Upsell: This feature allows users to display relevant products in the cart page and offer discounts on them.
  • Thank You Page Upsell: Users can also display related products on the Thank You page for better conversion.
  • Personalized Product Recommendations: This feature helps users to show personalized product recommendations, cross sells and upsells in their store.
  • Recently Viewed: Store owners can record customer’s browsing activities and display the recently viewed products to them.
  • Best Sellers: This feature showcases the most popular products on the store.
  • New Arrivals: This feature helps to promote new products in the store.
  • Trending Items: This feature shows what items are trending in the store.
  • Discounts on Upsell Products: Customers can get discounted prices when they add upsell products to their cart.


GLO Related Products, Upsell is free to use but offers a 7-day free trial. It also offers a Pro plan which is priced at $9.90/month. The Pro plan includes all features of the free plan plus additional features.