Simplify invoicing for your online store with Invoice Wizard. Create custom invoices in a click, saving time on paperwork. Choose from four templates. It's free and user-friendly.

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Wizard Labs: Invoice Wizard

Wizard Labs: Invoice Wizard

Create beautiful PDF invoices, quotes and packing slips.


Invoicing is an important part of running your online store and the Invoice Wizard app from Wizard Labs helps to make it simple and straightforward. With Invoice Wizard, you can create custom, professional-looking invoices with one click and save time on paperwork. It also provides four pre-designed templates and is super easy-to-use. Invoice Wizard is a great app for any business and is completely free.


  • Create Unlimited PDF Documents: With Invoice Wizard, you can create an unlimited number of PDF invoices with one click.
  • Customize the Look and Feel of Your Documents: Invoice Wizard allows you to customize the look and feel of your invoices to match your brand and specific business needs.
  • Print and Download Your Documents in Bulk: Invoice Wizard also makes it easy to print and download your documents in bulk.
  • Process Invoices in the Currency of Your Customers: This app also allows you to process your invoices in the currency of your customers.
  • 4 Pre-Designed Beautiful Invoices Templates: In addition to the ability to customize invoices, Invoice Wizard also provides four pre-designed beautiful templates.
  • Automatically Include Tax in Your Invoices: The app automatically includes taxes in your invoices so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Flexible Shipping and Delivery Options: With Invoice Wizard, you can easily choose from different shipping and delivery options for each transaction.
  • Automated and Secure Payments: The app also includes automated and secure payments so you can ensure that payments are received quickly and securely.
  • Cloud-Based Storage: Invoice Wizard’s cloud-based storage ensures that your documents are always safe, backed-up, and easily accessible whenever you need them.


The Invoice Wizard app from Wizard Labs is a great invoicing solution and is completely free of charge.