Upsell and manage Shopify checkout with Fast Checkout. Create enticing offers and increase sales easily.

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Product Bundles: Fast Checkout

Product Bundles: Fast Checkout

Upsell with easy Product Bundles. Take Directly to Checkout


Product Bundles: Fast Checkout is an app designed to help Shopify merchants upsell to their customers and manage their checkout process. This app makes it easy to create discounted bundles, BTGO bundles and other upsells on product pages, and then take customers directly to the checkout page so they can complete their order quickly. With this app, you can create different types of offers that encourage your customers to buy more, so you can increase your sales and conversion rate.


  • Discounted Bundles: With Product Bundles, you can easily create discounted bundles and offers for your customers, so that they can save money when they buy multiple products at once.
  • BTGO Bundles: This app also makes it easy to create BTGO (Buy Three, Get One) bundles and other offers to encourage customers to buy multiple items and save money.
  • Easy Checkout Process: When customers choose to buy a bundle, they are taken directly to the checkout page, which makes it easy for them to complete their purchase without having to go through the cart page.
  • Aesthetics of Bundles: This app helps you easily display bundles with attractive graphics and visuals, so that they stand out on your product pages.
  • Customizable Design: You can customize the design and layout of your bundles to make them look even more appealing.
  • Compatibility: This app supports all types of shopify themes and devices, so you can easily use it on any shopify store.
  • Analytics: Comprehensive analytics to track engagement and conversions for each bundle.
  • Mobile Optimization: Product Bundles is mobile optimized, so it will look great on all mobile devices, including iOS, Android and Windows.


Product Bundles: Fast Checkout is priced at $9.90 per month and comes with a 7-day free trial. This price includes all features and customer support.