Let customers create and purchase custom product bundles with BYOB - Build Your Own Bundles on Shopify. Boost Average Order Value, sync inventory, and customize the page to match your store's look. Support discounts, variants, and more.

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BYOB ‑ Build Your Own Bundles

BYOB ‑ Build Your Own Bundles

Bundle Builder, Stack Discounts, Mix and Match, Build a Box


BYOB - Build Your Own Bundles is an app by Shopify that allows merchants to give their customers the opportunity to create and purchase their own custom product bundles on a single page. With this app, merchants are able to boost their Average Order Value, sync with inventory systems, and customize the style of the page and css to exactly match the look of their store. It supports discounts and fixed prices, and allows merchants to adjust bundle prices with variants or discount codes followed by an easy template customization using theme section options.


  • Bundle exists as a product: This app allows merchants to assign bundles to collections, top menu, or the home page.
  • Pick and mix any items in a single page: Customers are able to select and mix products from a single page in custom bundles of their own.
  • Support fixed price, tiers discounts etc: Merchants can set their own fixed prices or tier discounts, enabling them to offer the best possible discounts are available to their customers.
  • Flexible order format: Bundles can be adjusted using variants or discount codes, helpful for merchants who have clients.
  • Match with your brand: Merchants can easily customize the template using theme section options that may be more specific to their store and to the look of their website.
  • Working for clients?: Add custom CSS and edit the liquid template and JavaScript on their own, helping them make a template that matches their exact store requirements.
  • Boost AOV: This app helps merchants boost their Average Order Value. It helps customers create their own product bundles and increase their spending by taking advantage of fixed prices, discounts, and other sales.
  • Inventory Systems: With this app, Merchants are able to sync with their inventory systems and take advantage of two different order formats.
  • Cover Product Variants: This app enables merchants to cover all types of product variations such as size, color, materials and other variants as part of their custom bundle products.
  • Optimized for Mobile: Customers can access and purchase bundles from their smartphones or tablets with this app being optimized for mobile, thus providing an excellent user experience.


BYOB - Build Your Own Bundles offers a Free plan as well as three paid plans: Basic ($20/month), Standard ($49/month), and Advanced ($99/month). These plans are in addition to a 14-day free trial period, allowing merchants to kick start their store without having to commit to a plan.