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Whitepaper – A Marketer’s Guide to Audience Data in a Changing Advertising Ecosystem

The advertising ecosystem is changing. Advertisers are grappling with the changes in a post-cookie world as most major browsers have called for the deprecation of the cookie. Addressability decline is something advertisers will have to deal with, and they will need new tools, technologies and data sets in such times to guide them into a brave new world of advertising.

The Modern Customer Graph

Since its inception, Lifesight has always helped brands leverage data to make insightful marketing decisions. With today’s changes in consumer behavior, we have been led to build a more holistic approach to consumer data.

Ebook – A beginners guide to onboarding CRM data

Onboarding the powerful combination of real world attributes and first party data will help marketers deliver better results as compared to anything that cookies allowed for in the past. This ebook aims to guide marketers through the process of data onboarding

A Marketer’s Guide To Customer Intelligence

Whitepaper – A Marketer’s Guide To Customer Intelligence

The marketing ecosystem and consumer behaviour is going through rapid and lasting changes with technology, new privacy regulations, and the global pandemic at the heart of it. While the industry has faced multiple challenges, none of them compare to this massive evolution.