Traffic from Paid channels

Traffic from Paid channels is the amount of visits a website receives from paid marketing channels that help measure the efficacy of said campaigns.

Traffic from Paid channels is an important metric that indicates the amount of visits your website receives as a result of paid marketing channels such as pay-per-click (PPC) ads, social media, display ads, and other online advertising strategies. This metric enables eCommerce stores to measure the efficacy of their paid campaigns and measure the return on investment made from the respective campaigns. This information can then be used to refine and optimize the campaigns for higher returns.


The formula for calculating the Traffic from Paid channels is the Sum of Visits from the Paid channels. This metric is calculated by adding up the number of visits that the website receives from each paid marketing channel.


For example, if an eCommerce website received 3,000 visits from PPC, 2,000 visits from display ads, and 500 visits from social media campaigns, the Traffic from Paid channels metric would be 5,500 (3000+2000+500).

Why is Traffic from Paid channels important?

Traffic from Paid channels is a key metric for any eCommerce store because it helps you understand how effective and profitable your paid advertising campaigns are. This metric provides insights on the customer acquisition efforts made through paid channels, enabling you to better forecast campaigns ROI and optimize for higher returns.

Which factors impact Traffic from Paid channels?

There are various ways to improve Traffic from Paid channels. For starters, focusing on improving the quality of the ads and landing page experiences can help to bring in better quality traffic. Additionally, refining bidding and targeting within the PPC campaigns can yield improved performance as well. Lastly, use analytics to understand user behaviour to improve the success of the campaigns.

How can Traffic from Paid channels be improved?

There are several factors that can influence Traffic from Paid channels. One of the most important factors is the budget allocated for the campaigns. When this budget is set lower, the overall reach and visibility of the campaigns will be limited. Additionally, the type of campaigns, targeting/bidding strategies, and the quality of the ads/landing pages can all have an impact on the Traffic from Paid channels metric.

What is Traffic from Paid channels's relationship with other metrics?

Traffic from Paid channels can be used in conjunction with other eCommerce metrics to gauge the effectiveness of the campaigns. For example, the Traffic from Paid channels metric can be paired with the overall Conversion Rate to determine how well the campaigns are performing. Additionally, the Average Order Value and Customer Lifetime Value can also be studied in combination with the Traffic from Paid channels to understand customer behaviour.

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