Total Subscribers

Total Subscribers is the total number of email addresses in a list, used to measure the power of email marketing campaigns.

Total Subscribers is a metric used by ecommerce businesses to measure the size of an email list. It is the total count of email addresses added to an email list, and it is an important metric for email marketing campaigns. It gives businesses an indication of the reach of their email campaigns, which helps inform how to optimize their campaigns and grow their email list.


Total Subscribers is calculated by summing the total number of valid email contacts in an email list.


For example, if a business is tracking their email list and they have 5,000 contacts total, their Total Subscribers is 5,000.

Why is Total Subscribers important?

A large email list with high quality email contacts can help business build relationships with their customers and grow revenue. The total number of subscribers is an indication of the reach of an email campaign, which helps businesses to optimize their campaigns and continue to grow their list size.

Which factors impact Total Subscribers?

Email list size alone will not grow revenue - quality emails will. You can improve both the size and quality of your email list by focusing on content relevance to ensure subscribers remain engaged, as well as making sure to link your email campaigns to a variety of other marketing activities, such as retargeting campaigns and referral promotions. Consistently monitoring email list performance and customer engagement will further help you optimize your email list.

How can Total Subscribers be improved?

Total Subscribers is generally impacted by the success or failure of email marketing campaigns. The quality of content and customer segmentation play an important role in how many people will sign up to an email list, so be sure to create content and segments with the goal of engaging subscribers and creating long-term relationships.

What is Total Subscribers's relationship with other metrics?

Total Subscribers is highly correlated with other email marketing metrics, such as Open Rate and Clickthrough Rate - the more subscribers, the more engagement. As an example, Open Rate is typically higher if there are more subscribers, as a larger list has a greater potential for recipients to take action. Additionally, Total Subscribers can be correlated to revenue metrics, such as Conversion Rate and Average Order Value, as a large, engaged email list can help build long-term relationships with customers and drive repeat purchases.

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