Total shares

Understand the impact of your content on social media with Total Shares: measure, analyze, and improve engagement of posts to maximize reach.

Total Shares is an important metric that measures the success of content posted on social media. It reflects how many times a post was shared on different social networks. Knowing the total share rate provides insight into the level of interest a post received from the target audience. It helps to evaluate the effectiveness of various campaigns and strategies and understand what resonates with the target audience.


Total Shares is measured by calculating “Sum of Shares”. The number is determined by adding up the total number of times a post was shared on social media platforms.


  • Let's say a post from your company was shared 10 times on Twitter, 5 times on LinkedIn, and 3 times on Instagram.
  • Total Shares of the post can be calculated by adding together the numbers - 10 + 5 + 3 - to reach a Total Shares of 18.

Why is Total shares important?

Total Shares helps to measure the organic reach of a post which is key to understanding its true performance. A high Total Shares count carries its own weight on social media networks, as a post that receives a lot of shares is deemed to have higher quality content.

Which factors impact Total shares?

To maximize reach and engagement, it is important to focus on creating sharable, engaging content. Content should be well-written, entertaining, and ideally give the audience something new and fresh to talk about. Additionally, use powerful visuals to capture the audience's attention and encourage more shares.

How can Total shares be improved?

Total Shares can be affected by several factors such as the quality of content, the level of interest it received from the intended audience, the hashtag used, the timing of posting, and the platforms used for promotion.

What is Total shares's relationship with other metrics?

Total Shares is also related to other metrics like pageviews, reach, engagement, and conversions. For effective marketing campaigns, it is important to analyze the links between these metrics and establish their correlation. When Total Shares is high, it often means that the post was shared on other platforms, which will usually lead to the post receiving more views and potentially more conversions.

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