Total Email Sent

Total emails sent measure the volume of emails dispatched in a campaign, aiding marketers in assessing outreach campaign success and adjusting strategies.

Total Email Sent is an email marketing metric that tracks the total amount of emails sent out during a certain email campaign. This metric allows marketers to get an understanding of how well their email campaign is doing with an understanding of how successful their reach is and the size of the campaign. Knowing this information can help marketers adjust the parameters of the marketing campaign to make sure their target audience is being reached.


The Total Email Sent metric is calculated by taking the sum of all emails sent for that particular campaign. This allows marketers to get a comprehensive total of all emails sent and compare it to other metrics such as Open Rates, CTR, etc.


If a company sends out an email campaign to a list of 10,000 contacts, the Total Email Sent metric would reflect a number of 10,000.

Why is Total Email Sent important?

The Total Email Sent metric is important to track the performance of an email campaign. It gives marketers insight into how far their reach is for a particular campaign and how effective it may or may not be. Knowing this information can inform their decisions for future marketing campaigns so that they can reach an even larger audience.

Which factors impact Total Email Sent?

There are a few ways to improve the Total Email Sent metric, such as segmenting customers to target more effectively based on their interests or activities, doing A/B testing to find the best subject lines and content to engage customers, and optimizing the frequency of emails for key segments. Additionally, understanding customer preferences and sending emails at appropriate times can also help improve the Total Email Sent metric.

How can Total Email Sent be improved?

A few factors that can impact Total Email Sent are the size of a company's email list, the quality of the contact list, the type of emails sent (e.g. promotional vs. informational emails), and the frequency of emails sent. Additionally, factors such as the type of audience, the content in the emails, and the timing of emails can all influence Total Email Sent as well.

What is Total Email Sent's relationship with other metrics?

The Total Email Sent metric is closely related to other email marketing metrics such as Open Rates, CTR, and Conversion Rate. For example, if a company's Total Email Sent is higher but their Open Rate is lower, it could indicate that the emails they are sending are not properly engaging their target audience. Understanding the relationship between Total Email Sent and other email marketing metrics can help marketers adjust their strategies accordingly.

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