Total Organic Traffic

Total Organic Traffic is an SEO metric that measures the number of visits to a website from organic search.

Total Organic Traffic is a SEO metric that measures the number of visits to a website from organic search. This is an important measure of the amount of organic search traffic a website has. Organic traffic is a key indicator for SEO performance and is often more important than other website metrics such as page views, bounce rate or even conversions. As such, it is often used to measure the success of SEO campaigns or tactics.


The formula for Total Organic Traffic is the "Sum of Organic Traffic", and it is calculated by adding up all organic traffic sources for the time period being measured.


  • For example, suppose an ecommerce website receives the following number of visits from organic search sources during a given time period:
  • Google Search - 500 visits
  • Bing Search - 400 visits
  • Yahoo Search - 200 visits
  • The total organic traffic for the time period would be 1,100 visits (500 + 400 + 200 = 1,100).

Why is Total Organic Traffic important?

Total Organic Traffic is important because it tells you how successful your SEO efforts have been in generating organic search traffic. Organic search traffic, which is often referred to as unpaid search traffic, is driven by SEO activity. As such, tracking and measuring your Total Organic Traffic is a key component of effective SEO.

Which factors impact Total Organic Traffic?

Improving Total Organic Traffic is all about improving the quality and volume of organic search traffic coming to your website. This can be accomplished by improving different aspects of your website’s SEO, such as keyword research, link building, on-page optimization, and technical SEO.

How can Total Organic Traffic be improved?

There are many factors that impact Total Organic Traffic, including website content, website structure, SEO tactics, and external links. All of these elements need to be optimized and kept up-to-date in order to ensure that your website is able to generate organic search traffic.

What is Total Organic Traffic's relationship with other metrics?

Total Organic Traffic is closely related to other key ecommerce metrics such as Conversion Rate and Average Order Value. These two metrics are both impacted by the quality of your organic search visitors, as higher quality visitors tend to be more likely to convert. Additionally, Total Organic Traffic is often used to measure the success of SEO campaigns.

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