Opens per Subscriber

Opens per subscriber is the average number of times your subscribers open each of your emails. Understand its importance and learn how to improve it and which factors impact the metric.

Opens per subscriber is an important email marketing metric as it reflects how often subscribers open your emails. It is an average measure of total email opens divided by the total number of subscribers, and gives insight into the level of engagement of your subscribers. If the metric is greater than 1, it means that on average, the subscribers are opening the emails more than once. Understanding the importance of this metric, and learning how it is affected by certain factors, allows you to make better decisions and create more effective email campaigns.


The formula used to calculate Opens per Subscriber is “Total Email Opens / Total Subscribers”. This metric enables you to measure the extent of engagement with your emails.


Let's say an email campaign was sent to 2000 subscribers and the total number of email opens was 5000. After dividing the total email opens by the total number of subscribers, the Opens per Subscriber would total 2.5. This indicates that on average, each subscriber opened the emails 2.5 times.

Why is Opens per Subscriber important?

Opens per subscriber is important for understanding how often your subscribers return to your emails and to what extent they are engaged. Knowing this can help you find out whether or not your emails are relevant and effective in reaching out to your target audience. High opens per subscriber indicates that your subscribers are engaged and returning to your emails, while low opener per subscriber suggests that you need to take steps to improve the content or target audience.

Which factors impact Opens per Subscriber?

There are several ways to improve your Opens per Subscriber metric. Focus on developing more relevant content and a compelling subject line, personalize the message as much as possible, and use A/B testing to figure out what strategies are the most effective. Additionally, segmentation can help you understand your audience and create emails that are catered to each segment.

How can Opens per Subscriber be improved?

When examining the opens per subscriber metric, it’s important to understand the factors that can significantly impact the metric. These include the relevance of the content, the subject line of the email, the timing, the personalization of the message, the quality of the images, and the types of calls to action included. Understanding how each of these factors affects opens per subscriber can help you improve your overall email marketing results.

What is Opens per Subscriber's relationship with other metrics?

In addition to understanding the importance of opens per subscriber, it’s also important to understand its correlation with other ecommerce metrics. Opens per subscriber is usually associated with other metrics such as click-through rate, average order value, and revenue per email. When all of these metrics are taken into consideration, they provide a more complete picture of a customer’s engagement, and can help you determine how to Fine-tune your campaigns to better reach your target audience.

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