Organic Impressions

Organic Impressions measure reach and engagement on social media through number of views generated without spending money.

Organic Impressions measure reach and engagement of social media posts without spending money. It refers to the number of times a post appears in someone’s newsfeed without paying smartly for sponsored posts or campaigns. It is the total number of organic views your post got on a particular platform. It's a valuable metric for brands who want to maximize their social media influence and visibility without investing in paid campaigns.


The formula to calculate Organic Impressions is to sum up all of your organic impressions in a given timeline.


For example, if your Instagram post got 300 organic views in December, 500 organic views in January and 250 organic views in February, the total Organic Impressions would be 1050 (300+500+250=1050).

Why is Organic Impressions important?

Organic Impressions are the most accurate way to measure the success of your content without the need to invest in ads. It’s a tangible measure of growth in reach and engagement over time. This metric gives insights on the effectiveness of one's content and which kind of content resonates better with the target audience. It also keeps brands informed of their audience’s interest keeping them from spending on ads and campaigns that may not have much effect.

Which factors impact Organic Impressions ?

Organic Impressions can be improved by using content formatting that is easy on the eye, making use of relevant hashtags, engaging with other influencers in your space, and optimizing your post times for maximum visibility. Additionally, posting consistently and delivering quality content on a regular basis will help to steadily build your audience.

How can Organic Impressions be improved?

There are numerous factors that impact Organic Impressions such as content format, caption length, message clarity, timing of the post& the user’s affinity to the post, hashtag usage, platform reach, and more. These all play a crucial role in determining if the content will engage the user or not.

What is Organic Impressions 's relationship with other metrics?

Organic Impressions often correlates with other Ecommerce metrics such as conversions, order frequency, and purchase value. When Organic Impressions are high, you will likely see a corresponding increase in conversions and sales on your website.

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