Mobile revenue share

Mobile revenue share refers to the percentage of an ecommerce business's total revenue that is generated through mobile devices.

Mobile revenue share is a crucial metric for today's ecommerce businesses. It accounts for the proportion of the total online revenue that an ecommerce store generates from customers who perform transactions via mobile devices. This metric helps understand the significance of mobile marketing, user experience, and commerce in the overall revenue model of an ecommerce business.


Mobile Revenue Share = (Total revenue from mobile devices / Total ecommerce revenue) * 100


Let’s say in Q1, an ecommerce business generates total revenue of $1,000,000 - of which $300,000 comes from mobile devices. The Mobile revenue share would be (300,000 / 1,000,000) * 100 = 30%

Why is Mobile revenue share important?

  • It helps in strategic planning and resource allocation for optimizing mobile-user experience.
  • Tracking it aids in evaluating the success of mobile marketing initiatives.
  • It helps understand buyer behavior, preferences, and conversion funnel efficacy for mobile users.

Which factors impact Mobile revenue share?

  • User Experience: Accessibility, and usability of mobile platform.
  • Technology: Loading speed, mobile responsiveness.
  • Trends: Mobile shopping trends and customer preferences.
  • Marketing: Efficacy of mobile-specific marketing initiatives.

How can Mobile revenue share be improved?

  • Improving mobile website or mobile app's user interface and usability.
  • Ensuring website's mobile responsiveness.
  • Streamlining checkout process emphasizing on seamless, frictionless transaction.
  • Investing in mobile-targeted marketing efforts like mobile ads, push notifications, etc.

What is Mobile revenue share's relationship with other metrics?

  • Mobile Conversion Rate: Higher conversion rate could contribute to a higher revenue share.
  • Mobile Traffic: Higher mobile traffic could lead to higher potential earnings from mobile users.
  • Average Order Value (AOV): Higher AOV from mobile users could inflate the mobile revenue share.

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