Mobile attribution

Mobile Attribution monitors and measures a user’s activity on marketing channels through a mobile device.

Mobile attribution is essentially the science of determining which marketing channels and campaigns drove a certain user action like installing an app, making a purchase, or completing a game level on a mobile device. It creates bridges between different platforms such as an ad seen on the desktop that led to an application download on a tablet device. This complex procedure links a user's entire journey, from viewing an ad to downloading an app, enabling marketers to gain a coherent understanding of their ad campaign's performance across various channels and devices.


Mobile attribution is typically tracked through attribution models like the ‘Last Click Attribution Model’, 'First Click Attribution Model', 'Time Decay Attribution Model' or ‘Linear Attribution Model’.

Why is Mobile attribution important?

  • Understand user behavior: It provides insights into user behavior on different platforms, helping marketers tailor their campaigns accordingly.
  • Optimize marketing spend: It helps in identifying the most effective marketing channels, enabling better budget allocation.
  • Increase ROI: Knowing which channels are driving conversions can help improve marketing strategies, leading to an increased return on investment.

Which factors impact Mobile attribution?

  • Utilize unambiguous identifiers such as User ID or Device ID for more precise attribution.
  • Employ machine learning algorithms and probabilistic models to predict user behavior accurately.
  • Implement real-time tracking to make quick adjustments to your marketing strategies.

How can Mobile attribution be improved?

  • Cross-device tracking: Tracking a user's journey across multiple devices is challenging.
  • Privacy policies: Changes in data privacy regulations can limit the availability of users' data.
  • Multi-touchpoint journeys: Users often interact with multiple marketing channels before converting, making it difficult to attribute the credit to a single source.

What is Mobile attribution's relationship with other metrics?

Mobile attribution co-relates with other essential ecommerce metrics such as customer acquisition cost, lifetime value, and conversion rate. By understanding mobile attribution, marketers can conclude which channels are acquiring the most customers at a lower cost, leading to higher lifetime value and improved conversion rate.

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