Mobile conversion rate

Mobile Conversion Rate (MCR) is the percentage of mobile visitors who perform a desired action on your ecommerce site.

Mobile Conversion Rate is a key performance indicator (KPI) in ecommerce that tracks the efficacy of your mobile platform in converting visitors into customers. In a digital age where mobile traffic supersedes desktop, understanding this metric helps businesses gauge their mobile site's performance and troubleshoot areas for improvement. Reckoning this rate also highlights the success of your marketing and sales strategies, since a high Mobile Conversion Rate often indicates an enticing product offering and a seamless mobile user experience.


MCR = (Number of mobile conversions / Total number of mobile visitors) * 100%


For instance, if an ecommerce website receives 5,000 mobile visitors in a month, and 250 of them make a purchase, then the Mobile Conversion Rate would be 5%.

Why is Mobile conversion rate important?

The importance of a robust Mobile Conversion Rate cannot be overstated. As mobile devices drive over half of global website traffic, neglecting your mobile platform can culminate in a significant loss of prospective customers. A high Mobile Conversion Rate is pertinent to business success as it is indicative of a user-friendly mobile interface that effectively encourages visitors to complete a designated action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.

Which factors impact Mobile conversion rate?

Numerous factors can impact Mobile Conversion Rate — from the aesthetic appeal of your mobile site to load times and user experience. Other factors include the site's user interface (UI) design, integration of mobile payment options, product pricing, and site security.

How can Mobile conversion rate be improved?

Improving Mobile Conversion Rate entails optimizing mobile experience. Ensuring a speedy site load time, implementing a simple checkout process, and designing an appealing, intuitive mobile layout may boost conversions. Likewise, offering exclusive mobile promotions, enhancing product visuals, and simplifying navigation can foster a seamless user experience, thereby increasing Mobile Conversion Rate.

What is Mobile conversion rate's relationship with other metrics?

Mobile Conversion Rate correlates with other ecommerce metrics such as mobile cart abandonment rate, bounce rate, average order value (AOV), and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). By inspecting these metrics in conjunction, businesses can uncover comprehensive insights into mobile user behaviour and the overall effectiveness of their mobile site. For instance, a low Mobile Conversion Rate coupled with a high mobile cart abandonment rate may signal a complex checkout process.

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