Install referrer

In the expanding digital realm, knowing your install referrer is vital. It tracks where users install apps from, be it search, promotion, or other sources.

The landscape of digital businesses and ecommerce is increasingly growing, with more apps being published on various platforms every day than ever before. In such a dynamic environment, understanding where your customers come from becomes crucial. Here, the term 'Install referrer' comes into play. Install Referrer is fundamentally a URL parameter passed into your app install that traces back to the source from which a user installs an application. It can denote an organic search, a paid promotion, a blog post, an email link, or any other source.


For instance, if you run advertising campaigns on Google Adwords and someone downloads your app from these campaigns, the install referrer information could be something like:

utm_source= Google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=appinstall

Why is Install referrer important?

Understanding the Install Referrers for your ecommerce app can significantly shape your marketing strategies. This data gives exact information about which ad, blog post, banner, or email led a user to download your app. Consequently, you will know which promotion or marketing tactic works best. Install Referrers can also help precisely target your demographic, increasing your return on investment(ROI) and user retention rates.

Which factors impact Install referrer?

By modifying various elements in your marketing strategy, such as ad design, content, placement, and campaign selection, you can improve the conversion rates and the sources from which your app is installed. A/B testing of these elements can optimize your approach to get a more qualified referrer.

How can Install referrer be improved?

Several factors can impact the Install Referrer, including the effectiveness of your advertisement placement, the clarity of your campaign message, the design of your app landing page, and the relevancy of your content to the target audience.

What is Install referrer's relationship with other metrics?

Install Referrer does not act in isolation; it is closely related to other ecommerce metrics. A proper understanding of Install Referrer helps improve Cost Per Installation (CPI) by optimizing advertising spend over most relevant install referrer sources. It also impacts user engagement metrics like session duration and session frequency.

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