Identifier for vendor

Identifier for Vendor (IDFV) is a unique, device-specific string identifier assigned to an app by Apple, representing the app provider, aiding in user behavior analysis and aiding ad delivery without infringing on user privacy.

In the rapidly evolving realm of ecommerce, understanding user behavior is paramount for developing a personalized marketing strategy. Identifiers offer insightful data about users, and among the most valuable is the Identifier for Vendor (IDFV).


Suppose a user downloaded two apps from the same vendor, app A and app B. Both of these apps will have the same IDFV on a device. If the user performs an action like a purchase on app A, this info can be cross-referenced with app B, thanks to the IDFV.

Why is IDFV important?

IDFV significantly contributes to understanding user behavior across multiple apps from a vendor, which can sharpen marketing initiatives by revealing patterns and preferences. While preserving user privacy, IDFV provides broad insights into user interaction, making it a potent tool in a personalized marketing strategy.

Which factors impact IDFV?

Given that IDFV is generated and controlled by iOS, app vendors cannot actually 'improve' it. However, its usage within a coherent cross-app analytics strategy can be optimized. By accurately capturing, analyzing, and implementing insights garnered from IDFV, vendors can enhance their marketing efforts.

How can IDFV be improved?

The reinstallation of all apps from a vendor or a system reset will change the IDFV. Also, its effectiveness is proportionate to the number of apps a vendor has on a user's device.

What is IDFV's relationship with other metrics?

IDFV can be cross-referenced with other metrics (like in-app purchases, session times, etc.) to yield deeper insights. For instance, IDFV can reveal if users of one app are more likely to install and engage with other apps from the same vendor, informing marketing efforts.

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