Gross sales

Gross Sales is the total revenue in a specific period before any deductions related to returned goods and discounts.

Gross Sales is the lifeblood of any ecommerce business. It’s a primary measure of business size and, essentially, the total invoice amount for all customer orders during a specified period. This figure includes every unit of a product sold, without factoring in any outflows like returns, refunds, taxes, and discounts. The figure remains unadjusted; hence it presents the most top-level perspective of a business’s income.


Gross Sales = Total Units Sold * Price Per Unit


Take a clothing store that sold 500 pieces of apparel at $20 each. The Gross Sales for that timeframe would be 500 X $20 = $10,000, regardless of other costs incurred.

Why is Gross sales important?

Gross Sales is a key parameter to map the 'size' of a company. It provides crucial insights into a company's operational strength and market position. Furthermore, a consistently high Gross Sales figure can underscore a company's potential to stakeholders, investors, and potential acquirers.

Which factors impact Gross sales?

Gross Sales are influenced by several elements, from customer preferences and buying behavior to market trends, competition, seasonal effects, product relevance, pricing strategy, marketing effectiveness, and overall economic conditions.

How can Gross sales be improved?

Improving Gross Sales demands strategic planning. Businesses can increase their sales traffic via multiple online channels such as social media, ecommerce marketplaces, and paid ads. Regularly updating product offerings, fine-tuning product quality, enhancing customer service, and offering competitive prices are additional measures to boost Gross Sales.

What is Gross sales's relationship with other metrics?

Gross Sales intersect with several other ecommerce metrics. The most critical one is probably Net Sales, which is Gross Sales minus returns, allowances, and discounts. Gross Profit is another crucial determinant, a ratio of Gross Sales and cost of goods sold (COGS).

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