Funnel drop-off rate

Track funnel drop-off rate, an essential e-commerce metric. Measure customer retention and store performance through each sales funnel stage efficiently.

The funnel drop-off rate is a valuable ecommerce metrics that indicate the percentage of potential customers who leave your online store at various stages of the sales funnel, before reaching the final conversion point – most commonly, the checkout. It is an indirect measure of your store’s performance, user experience, and overall ability to guide visitors from casual browsing to completed purchases.


Funnel drop-off rate = (Number of users at the beginning of the stage - Number of users at the end of the stage) / Number of users at the beginning of the stage * 100%


  • Let's say 1000 visitors land on a product page (beginning of the stage), and only 700 proceed to add the product to their cart (end of the stage). The funnel drop-off rate would be:
  • [(1000-700)/1000] * 100% = 30%

Why is Funnel drop-off rate important?

The funnel drop-off rate has crucial implications for an online business. A high rate indicates that something is obstructing or discouraging customers from completing a purchase. Recognising this helps businesses understand where their processes need tweaking, whether it is improving navigation, product description, load speed, or providing secure and diverse payment options.

Which factors impact Funnel drop-off rate?

Various factors can impact the drop-off rate. This includes website navigation complexity, the attractiveness/ effectiveness of CTAs, page load times, pricing, product information adequacy, site security, and the ease and convenience of the checkout process.

How can Funnel drop-off rate be improved?

The drop-off rate can be improved by refining web design, enhancing user experience, incorporating compelling call-to-actions (CTAs), providing comprehensive product information, offering customer support, and ensuring an easy and secure checkout process. A/B testing can also be useful to determine the optimal solution.

What is Funnel drop-off rate's relationship with other metrics?

The funnel drop-off rate is closely related to conversion rates, bounce rate, average session duration, and cart abandonment rate. A high drop-off rate can lead to low conversion rates, increased bounce rates, and higher cart abandonment rates. Conversely, longer average session durations can indicate that customers are finding value in the site, hence potentially reducing the drop-off rate.

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