Cost per Email Click

Cost per Email Click (CPC) is a useful email metric that measures the price paid to acquire leads or customers via email links.

Cost per Email Click (CPC) is a valuable metric used for measuring the success of an email marketing campaign. It measures the total costs associated with running the email campaign, divided by the total number of clicks on email links. This metric gives an idea of the expenses associated with acquiring a new customer or lead through email, and can be used to measure the potential return on investment (ROI) in the campaign. By tracking CPC, marketers can double-check that their investment is followed up with an appropriate return.


CPC = "Email Marketing Costs / Total Email Clicks".


If a company spends $1000 on an email marketing campaign, and the link in the emails gets a total of 50 clicks, then the CPC will be calculated as $1000 / 50 = $20 per email click.

Why is Cost per Email Click important?

CPC is an important metric as it helps you calculate the ROI associated with the email marketing campaign. It also helps to identify areas in which extra resources need to be allocated to increase the efficiency of the campaigns. Additionally, CPC helps marketers identify which emails are performing better than others. This can impact the design, content, and delivery of future emails.

Which factors impact Cost per Email Click?

The main factors that influence the Cost per Email Click are the cost of the email marketing campaign, the click-through rate, the conversion rate, and the unsubscription rate. All of these factors need to be taken into consideration and monitored closely to optimize and improve the CPC.

How can Cost per Email Click be improved?

By enhancing email deliverability, client segmentation, and targeting, as well as email content optimization, it is possible to reduce cost per email click. Marketers should also consistently try out various email message variations, including subject lines, images, and calls to action. They may do this to optimize their email marketing and gradually lower their CPC.

What is Cost per Email Click's relationship with other metrics?

Cost per Email Click is related to a variety of other e-commerce metrics including cost per acquisition, cost per click, email open rate, and total revenue. As mentioned previously, optimizing CPC helps to improve ROI, and by optimizing any of the other e-commerce metrics associated with CPC, marketers can increase their ROI.

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