Cost Per Completed View

Cost Per Completed View (CPCV) is a digital advertising metric that calculates the cost of a single full video view.

CPCV stands as a benchmark for how much an advertiser pays when a video advertisement is viewed in its entirety. In the digital marketing world, this metric is significant because it reveals both engagement and absorption level, demonstrating how interested or captivated the audience actually is with your video advert. The unique aspect of CPCV, as compared to other metrics like Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Impression (CPM), is that CPCV only accounts for views where the viewer has watched all of the presented content. It is therefore a highly effective way of measuring how effectively your video is engaging its target audience.


CPCV is calculated by dividing the total cost of an advertising campaign by the total number of completed views. CPCV = Total campaign cost / Total completed views


If an advertiser spends $1000 to run a video ad campaign and receives 500 completed views, the CPCV would be $1000 / 500 = $2.

Why is CPCV important?

CPCV is a vital metric that reveals how engaging a video ad is, enabling advertisers to understand their campaign effectiveness better. It helps businesses to appropriately allocate their budget, ensuring that they are paying for quality engagement rather than fleeting impressions or partial views.

Which factors impact CPCV?

Improving the CPCV involves increasing the number and quality of video completions. Advertisers can do this through compelling storytelling, shorter video duration, clear and concise messaging, and targeting a more relevant audience. High-quality video production and engaging content can hold the viewers' attention until the end, thereby reducing the CPCV.

How can CPCV be improved?

Numerous factors can impact CPCV, ranging from the quality of the video, content relevancy, audience targeting, video length, placement of the video ad, to the overall market competition.

What is CPCV's relationship with other metrics?

CPCV is interconnected with other ecommerce metrics like conversion rates and click-through rates (CTR). A low CPCV, meaning that users are watching the ads in entirety, often indicates high user engagement which can lead to higher CTR and potentially conversion rates. However, businesses must consider other factors such as the relevance and attractiveness of the items being advertised to fully reap the benefits of a low CPCV.

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