Average Ticket Resolution Time

Measure service efficiency with Average Ticket Resolution Time. Quantify the time taken to resolve customer support tickets, enhancing service quality.

Average Ticket Resolution Time is a critical customer service and ecommerce metric that quantifies the average time a business takes to resolve a support ticket raised by a customer after they purchase a product or service. It is measured from the time a customer opens a ticket, submits a complaint, or seeks support, to the time the issue is resolved fully. It acts as a benchmark for service quality and efficiency.


Average Ticket Resolution Time = Total time spent resolving tickets / Total number of resolved tickets.


Suppose an ecommerce platform resolved 500 tickets in a month where total time taken was 2500 hours. Then its Average Ticket Resolution Time will be 2500 hours/500 tickets = 5 hours per ticket.

Why is Average Ticket Resolution Time important?

  • Customer Satisfaction: Faster resolution times typically mean happier customers, leading to increased loyalty and potentially, more purchases.
  • Business Efficiency: A lower average time can indicate efficient operations, and helps identify bottlenecks in the support process.
  • Resource Optimization: By tracking this, businesses can allocate staff and resources better, and scale support in line with growth.

Which factors impact Average Ticket Resolution Time?

  • Complexity of Issue: More complex issues require more time.
  • Skill Level of Support Staff: More experienced staff can resolve tickets faster.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined operations generally lower resolution times.
  • Customer Responsiveness: The faster a customer responds during the resolution process, the lower the time taken.

How can Average Ticket Resolution Time be improved?

  • Empower customer support: Give your support team authority to take decisions that can expedite solutions for customers.
  • Invest in Training: Regular training sessions can equip the team better to handle a range of queries and issues.
  • Implement a Tiered Support Structure: Complex issues can be escalated to a senior level, freeing up the base level to resolve more straightforward tasks.

What is Average Ticket Resolution Time's relationship with other metrics?

The Average Ticket Resolution Time is directly related to Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT) and Customer Effort Score (CES). Faster resolution times can enhance both these metrics, contributing to a better overall customer experience.

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