Average App Rating Score

Average App Rating Score is the mean rating that users attribute to an app, showing its widespread acceptability and performance.

The Average App Rating Score provides an overview of how well an app is received by its users. It's a simple yet powerful metric that reflects the overall satisfaction and impression of the users interacting with your app. The score represents the computed average of all the user ratings of an app on the app store.


Average App Rating Score = Sum of all Ratings / Total Number of Ratings


  • Imagine you have an eCommerce app and it has received 200 ratings in total. If you add up all these ratings and the sum is 800, then the average rating would be:
  • Average App Rating Score = 800 / 200 = 4.0
  • This means your app has an average rating of 4.0

Why is Average App Rating Score important?

The Average App Rating Score is important because it acts as a trust factor for new users deciding whether to download the app. It is a significant influencing factor on the app’s ranking on the app store. A higher score may lead to higher visibility, more downloads, and thus an overall hike in the app’s success.

Which factors impact Average App Rating Score?

Several factors impact the Average App Rating Score, including the app’s performance, features, user-friendliness, compatibility with devices, frequency of crashes, and customer support effectiveness.

How can Average App Rating Score be improved?

It can be improved by enhancing the overall user experience of the application. This can be accomplished through performance optimization, regular updates for bug fixes, easy navigational flow, and incorporating useful features. Actively seeking user feedback and resolving their issues can also prove beneficial.

What is Average App Rating Score's relationship with other metrics?

Average App Rating Score is closely correlated with other eCommerce metrics like Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS). A higher Average App Rating Score could mean higher customer satisfaction and a higher chance of users promoting your app. It can also impact the conversion rate, as a better rated app is likely to convert more visitors into users, thereby improving the overall conversion ratio of the ecommerce platform.

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