Average session duration

Average Session Duration is a metric that measures the average amount of time someone spends on your ecommerce site during a single visit.

Average Session Duration is an important metric in ecommerce analytics that measures the amount of time a single user spends browsing your ecommerce website. It is often used to measure a user's engagement and analyze user behavior, allowing ecommerce businesses to track how long their visitors are staying on the site. The Average Session Duration can be calculated by taking the total time spent browsing the site and dividing it by the total number of sessions within the same time period. By tracking the Average Session Duration metric, ecommerce businesses can gain insight into how engaging their website is and identify areas for improvement.


Average Session Duration = Total time spent on the website / Total number of sessions


If a website had 500 visitors in a given day and the total time they spent on the website was 8,000 minutes, the Average Session Duration would be 16 minutes (8,000 minutes / 500 visitors).

Why is Average session duration important?

Average Session Duration is important for ecommerce businesses because it helps to measure user engagement. By understanding how much time users spend on the site, businesses have a better understanding of how engaging their content and messaging is. Additionally, Average Session Duration can be used to identify areas where users are dropping off and where changes need to be made in order to improve engagement.

Which factors impact Average session duration?

There are several factors that can influence Average Session Duration, such as the website design, page structure and navigation, content quality, user experience, and overall page load times. Making improvements to these elements will help to improve user engagement and result in a higher Average Session Duration.

How can Average session duration be improved?

Improving Average Session Duration can be achieved by making changes to the website design or content. Adding more engaging and interactive content such as videos, images and infographics can help to encourage visitors to stay on the site for longer. Additionally, improving the overall user experience by making changes to page structure and navigation can also help to reduce the time it takes for users to find information.

What is Average session duration's relationship with other metrics?

Average Session Duration is usually correlated with other key ecommerce metrics such as Bounce Rate, Conversion Rate, and Average Order Value. By understanding how visitor behavior impacts these metrics, ecommerce businesses can identify areas for improvement and gain insight into how money they are making from each visitor. Additionally, Average Session Duration can also be used as a leading indicator of potential sales as longer session times usually mean more engaged users, which can result in more sales.

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