Attribution Software

Attribution Software is a tool that determines the roles of different touchpoints in the conversion process.

Attribution software, a vital element in the ecommerce industry, is specifically designed to expose the contribution of various marketing strategies towards the successful conversion of lead to customer. It’s a technology that drills down the multi-channel and multi-device customer journey to evaluate the importance of various touchpoints leading to sales.


If a customer: Clicks on a Facebook ad for a product -> Visits the website through an organic search -> Views an email advertisement -> Finally purchases the product, attribution software will reveal the contribution of each of these three touchpoints to decode customer behavior and marketing strategies.

Why is Attribution Software important?

  1. It provides a clear understanding of which marketing strategies are effective.
  2. It ensures an efficient marketing budget allocation by focusing on successful touchpoints.
  3. It uncovers the customer’s journey, their purchasing tendencies and the channels influencing them.

Which factors impact Attribution Software?

  1. Integration of AI & Machine Learning for real-time, precise analysis.
  2. Incorporating the multi-touch attribution model to acknowledge every influencing touchpoint, not just the last one.
  3. Enhancing data security assurance to protect sensitive customer data.

How can Attribution Software be improved?

Factors impacting the functionality of attribution software include customer behavior, technological advancement, data security regulations, and the accuracy of data collection methods.

What is Attribution Software's relationship with other metrics?

Attribution software directly impacts ecommerce metrics such as customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value, and return on investment (ROI). It facilitates enhanced decision-making for marketing budget allocation, thereby optimizing these metrics and improving overall ecommerce profitability.

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