Account visits

Analyze user activity with Account Visits. Gauge the behavior of registered customers for enhanced e-commerce insights and improved interactions.

An Account Visit is a particular metric used to assess and understand the overall user activity on an ecommerce site, specifically for users who have logged into their accounts. This helps businesses measure the behavior of their registered and loyal customers, who tend to exhibit higher purchase intent and better interactions with the site.


Account Visits = Total Logged-in User Sessions


Suppose your ecommerce store has a total of 1,000 sessions during a specific time period, out of which 200 are from logged-in users. So, your Account Visits for that period would be 200.

Why is Account visits important?

  • Loyalty and Retention: Account Visits show how many customers are revisiting and engaging with your site, helping you gauge the loyalty and retention rates.
  • Higher Conversion Potential: Logged-in users generally exhibit higher conversion rates since they have entered purchase information previously, making checkout faster and more accessible, leading to higher revenue.
  • Personalized Experience: Understanding the behavior of logged-in users can help businesses tailor their marketing strategies to create personalized experiences and build stronger relationships with their customers.

Which factors impact Account visits?

  • UI/UX Design: The overall design of the website, including navigation, can affect users' inclination to log in and engage.
  • Marketing Strategy: Promotions, ad targeting, and email campaigns can impact your site's visits from both registered and unregistered users.
  • Site Performance: Slow-loading pages, site crashes, broken links, or other technical issues can discourage users from logging in or returning to your site.

How can Account visits be improved?

  • Personalization: Send targeted content, offers, and product recommendations based on user preferences and previous purchase history.
  • Engaging Content: Publish relevant and engaging content that encourages account holders to frequently return and interact with your site.
  • Login Incentives: Encourage users to log in with exclusive offers, promotions, or product previews, available only to registered users.
  • User Experience: Streamline the login and account management process, ensuring a convenient and user-friendly experience.

What is Account visits's relationship with other metrics?

  • Conversion Rate: Account Visits can directly impact the conversion rate as logged-in users usually have higher purchase intent.
  • Customer Lifetime Value: Retained customers tend to have higher lifetime value, and tracking their Account Visits can lead to better marketing strategies.
  • Average Order Value: Logged-in users may have higher AOV, due to targeted marketing and special offers for loyal customers.
  • Customer Acquisition Cost: By tapping into the registered user base, businesses can reduce acquisition costs by retaining and nurturing returning customers.

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