Add to Favorite rate on Website

The add-to-favorite rate in e-commerce unveils how many users save products for future consideration. It guides effective marketing, sales, and product strategies.

The add-to favorite rate is a valuable ecommerce metric that reveals the proportion of website users who use the 'add to favourite' feature for products on a website. This feature typically allows users to save items for future consideration or purchase. By determining this rate, ecommerce platforms can track customer preferences and interests, which can in turn steer effective marketing, sales, and product strategy.


Add to Favorite Rate on Website = (Number of items added to favorites / Number of website visits) * 100%


If an ecommerce site has 1000 visits and 50 items are added to favorites, the Add to Favorite rate would be (50/1000)* 100% = 5%.

Why is Add to Favorite rate on Website important?

  • Understanding Customer Interest: This rate reveals which products customers are most interested in.
  • Forecasting Sales: Trends in favorited items can predict future sales trends.
  • Enhancing User Experience: By recognizing frequent favorites, you can modify your website design to cater to popular preferences.
  • Driving Marketing: It can guide targeted marketing and promotional efforts.

Which factors impact Add to Favorite rate on Website?

  • Website Design: The visibility and accessibility of the Favorite feature.
  • Product Portfolio: The appeal and variety of the available products.
  • User Demographics: The preferences and habits of your target demographic.

How can Add to Favorite rate on Website be improved?

  • Easier Access: Ensure your favorite button is visible and easily accessible on product pages.
  • Encouraging Usage: Prompt users to use this feature as a wishlist or to save for later.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Use the data for customized marketing campaigns.

What is Add to Favorite rate on Website's relationship with other metrics?

  • Conversion Rate: Higher add to favorite rates may lead to greater conversion rates.
  • Customer Engagement: It serves as a measure of customer engagement and interest.
  • Bounce Rate: A lower add to favorite rate might indicate a higher bounce rate.

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