Add to Cart rate on Website

Add to Cart rate on a Website refers to the percentage of site visitors who add products to shopping carts, highlighting potential conversions.

The Add to Cart (ATC) Rate in ecommerce is a metric that calculates the frequency of items getting added to online shopping carts compared to the number of unique visits or page views on the website. This rate is a crucial ecommerce metric that provides an indication of how effectively a product page or website is at encouraging customers to commit to a purchase or move forward in their shopping journey.


Add to Cart Rate on web = (Total Number of Add to Carts / Total Number of Website Visitors) * 100%


Suppose your ecommerce website gets 10,000 unique visitors in a month, and in the same duration, 2,000 items get added to shopping carts. Applying the formula, your ATC rate becomes (2000/10,000)*100 = 20%.

Why is Add to Cart rate on Website important?

The ATC rate is important because it helps online businesses approximate their prospect-to-customer conversion rate. Also, it provides insights into customer behavior, which can be used to refine sales strategies, product placements, and page layouts to optimize the customer purchase journey.

Which factors impact Add to Cart rate on Website?

Several factors can impact the ATC rate, including the quality of product images, descriptions, pricing, shipping/return policies, site and cart functionality, and overall site design.

How can Add to Cart rate on Website be improved?

  1. Improve Product Descriptions: Clear, concise, and accurate information about product's features influences buying decisions.2. High-Quality Product Images: Users rely heavily on images when shopping online, so high-quality visuals can boost ATC rates.3. Simplify Add to Cart Process: Reducing the number of clicks or fields can make the process faster and more convenient, thus increasing the ATC rate.

What is Add to Cart rate on Website's relationship with other metrics?

The Add to Cart rate directly correlates with metrics like conversion rates and bounce rates. A high ATC rate often translates to strong conversion rates, assuming a good checkout experience. A low ATC rate, however, might signify friction in the shopping process, leading to high site bounce rates.

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