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Modernizing Attribution & Media Buying with Lifesight Measure

Modern marketers are facing a dire need to have a single source of truth for accurately attributing paid marketing conversions in customer journeys, and making decisions for measuring the short-term, mid-term & long-term impact of their paid marketing outcomes. Multi-touch Attribution & Marketing Mix Modeling are the two key weapons to solve this problems. But how can you implement them at scale?



About the event

Go over Lifesight’s Measure module, a first-of-its-kind measurements suite that offers multi-touch attribution, marketing mix modeling, and incrementality testing in a single platform, & helps you optimize media spend & scale your acquisition. Learn how you can accurately gauge the incremental impact of your marketing efforts, allocate your budgets with precision, scale your campaigns without overspending, & validate your ROI. All of this happens without any dependence on data scientists, engineers, or analysts.


  1. How Lifesight’s Attribution Modeling gives accurate reporting on CAC, ROAS & channel conversions?
  2. How Lifesight Measure gives you granularity with respect to your Ad campaigns?
  3. How Lifesight's MMM module can visualize the data?
  4. How can you tweak the MMM for achieving your north star metrics ( store orders, app revenue, app installs and more?
  5. How Lifesight's MMM module can help you optimize future media budgets?


Behind the Mic

Deepak Sunil

Deepak Sunil

Sr. Product Manager

In-house counsel on all things attribution in the customer journey, Deepak is a seasoned product expert, adept at concep...

Shubham Jain

Shubham Jain

Product Manager

Shubham is an in-house product maestro who specializes in AI for digital marketing, specifically Marketing Mix Modeling ...