Simplifying Marketing Mix Modeling

Join us for a spirited dive into the magical world of Marketing Mix Modeling & the opportunities to optimize your ad spend, specially curated to ensure your campaigns sleigh all day!



About the event

Join us on a deep dive into how you can leverage the power of marketing mix modeling to improve ROAS for your brand. Optimize your channel-level spend so you see better returns all around on your marketing spend.


  1. What is Marketing Mix Modeling?
  2. Why is Marketing Mix Modeling key for advertisers?
  3. Building blocks of adopting Marketing Mix Modeling.
  4. Why growing brands are missing out on power of Marketing Mix Modeling?
  5. How can Marketing Mix Modeling aid in short term business revenue & long term marketing returns?
  6. How to Simplify Marketing Mix Modelling for your business?


Behind the Mic

Shubham Jain

Shubham Jain

Product Manager

Shubham is an in-house product maestro who specializes in AI for digital marketing, specifically Marketing Mix Modeling ...

Rajeev Nair

Rajeev Nair

Co-founder & VP of Products

As VP of Products at Lifesight, Rajeev spearheads innovation at the intersection of all things data & automation for mar...