Panel Discussion

Measuring Omnichannel Marketing ROI: Deep dive into the future

Let's dive into omnichannel metrics with our marketing measurement experts & understand how advertisers should prove & predict omnichannel marketing ROI accurately.



About the event

Measuring marketing outcomes when running omnichannel paid media campaigns can often be tricky, as offline media channel data are not typically easy to access. The lack of granular, individual touchpoint data due to privacy limitations & regulations has started decaying the impact that multi-touch attribution used to bring, hence diminishing the capability of a marketer to confidently attribute KPIs. Marketers need to adopt modern measurement methodologies & standards such as marketing mix modeling & incrementality testing to accurately measure the impact of offline & online media spends. Learn how you can implement this to allocate budgets, scale acquisition, validate strategies and prove ROI in the privacy-first era.


  1. Evolution of marketing measurement landscape over years.
  2. Common mistakes that retail & ecommerce advertisers make when it comes to marketing measurement.
  3. Strategies you can adopt to improve marketing measurement.
  4. How the increasing availability of first-party data, cloud & AI technologies has changed marketing measurements.
  5. Current challenges of implementing marketing measurement in a large organization & how enterprise marketers may tackle them.
  6. Best practices for ensuring the accuracy & reliability of marketing measurement data for ecommerce & retail brands.
  7. Factors large retail & ecommerce brands should consider when choosing a marketing measurement solution.


Behind the Mic

Madan Bharadwaj

Madan Bharadwaj

Marketing Measurement Expert, Founder of M^2

Over 15 years and 4 attribution startups, Madan has led breakthrough strategy for multi-touch attribution & incrementali...

Rok Hrastnik

Rok Hrastnik

CEO Guericom d.o.o & International Ecommerce Leader

Over 20 years, Rok has led two ecommerce businesses to €50M+/year. He is an expert in holistic ecommerce strategy, leade...

Gaurav Chandra

Gaurav Chandra

Senior Data Scientist - Nestle

Gaurav is a data science specialist with enthusiasm in machine learning & statistical modeling. Over 8 years, he has wor...