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Maximize Media Buying & Paid Marketing Outcomes for BFCM 2023

See how Lifesight can help you plan your media budgets, channels, & campaigns for more profitability in BFCM 2023.



About the event

With millions of dollars in budgeted ad spend, advertisers will aim to achieve 3X revenue during Black Friday Cyber Monday 2023 but how do you go about taking these media decisions? Lifesight's Multi-Touch Attribution & Marketing Mix Modeling are the two key weapons marketers must have to address this need. Join us for a LIVE Demo of the same.


  1. How does Lifesight Attribution Modeling give accurate reporting on CAC, ROAS & channel conversions?
  2. How does Lifesight give you granular views into customer journeys?
  3. How can Lifesight help you prove & predict growth of your North Star metrics i.e. store orders, app revenue, app installs, and more?
  4. How can Lifesight's MMM module help you optimize & allocate future media budgets?
  5. How to caliberate MMM models using experiments, post-purchase surveys, MTA data?


Behind the Mic

Deepak Sunil

Deepak Sunil

Sr. Product Manager

In-house counsel on all things attribution in the customer journey, Deepak is a seasoned product expert, adept at concep...

Shubham Jain

Shubham Jain

Product Manager

Shubham is an in-house product maestro who specializes in AI for digital marketing, specifically Marketing Mix Modeling ...