Maximize Holiday Profits with Strategic Media Buying

Master strategic, data-centric approaches to media buying, and campaign optimization for your paid media, ensuring a lucrative and merry Q4.



About the event

Struggling to navigate your way through media decisions with big budget dollars? Don’t fret, Lifesight is here to light up your path this Holiday Season! This webinar is a treasure trove of knowledge, helping you gain confidence in your media decisions; learning from every experiment, and unlocking new customer acquisitions in Q4. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the nuances of effective media planning, innovative campaigns, and data-driven strategies that promise a season filled with cheer and unparalleled profits. It’s time to gear up and turn your Q4 campaigns into the star on top of your revenue tree.


  1. Crafting a Winning Q4 Media Investment Plan: What questions should be in your checklist?
  2. Utilizing Customer Buying Patterns: How can historical data guide your paid acquisition & remarketing campaigns?
  3. Deck the Halls with Data: Best practices in leveraging online media, offline media, pricing, competitor, and proprietary data to forecast and confirm holiday season revenue.
  4. Navigating Rising CPMs & CPAs: Strategies to acquire new customers in an evolving Q4 landscape.
  5. Incremental Experiments before BFCM: How can they shape your media investment decisions for a prosperous Q5?


Behind the Mic

Joanne Factor

Joanne Factor

Sales Director - US

Cracking deals everywhere, Joanne is U.S. Sales Director at Lifesight, with 15+ years of ad-tech savvy. From $1M contrac...

Shubham Jain

Shubham Jain

Product Manager

Shubham is an in-house product maestro who specializes in AI for digital marketing, specifically Marketing Mix Modeling ...