How to leverage Meta & Tiktok CAPI for higher ROAS

Let's learn how you can increase your Meta & Tiktok ROAS by increasing match rates & driving better event data quality using Conversions APIs.



About the event

While the Meta & Tiktok Pixel have been wildly successful for the advertising giants. Thanks to the rise of ad blockers, and continued browser & IOS tracking changes, their ability to accurately send customer signals is on the decline – and with it, the foundation of what built the early days of Meta & Tiktok Ads. Marketers need to move to leveraging their Conversion API's and increase event match rates and quality scores for better ROAS. In this insightful webinar, learn from the who's who on how you can do the maximum with your data with minimal effort using CAPIs.


Wondering what we will cover in this webinar? Here are key takeaways we will actively address in this webinar:

  1. Unveiling Meta & Tiktok CAPI: Its edge over the traditional pixel.
  2. Tracking Mastery: Identifying and utilizing key conversion events for enhanced prospecting.
  3. The Power of Server-Side Tracking: Teaching Meta's AI to scout your ideal customers.
  4. The Imperative of Data Enrichment: How integrating identifiers and uilizing CAPI optimizes your retargeting efforts.
  5. The Direct Influence of CAPI on ROAS, CPC, and CPM: Understanding the impact on KPIs.
  6. How Lifesight improves the quality of events sent to Meta & Tiktok.


Behind the Mic

Jeevan B Ravishankar

Jeevan B Ravishankar

Senior Product Manager

With a focus on data unification, Jeevan's area of expertise lies in building connected systems with scaleable infrastru...

Aashish Ramamurthy

Aashish Ramamurthy

Head of Evangelism

With a decade of community and product experience under his belt, Aashish is the go-to person to help marketers understa...