Panel Discussion

How advertisers overcome signal loss & identity issues

Step into the future of marketing without fear! As we encounter disruptions in marketing signals and identity loss, understanding their impacts is crucial. Join us for an exclusive panel with industry experts who delve deep into strategies to combat signal loss and future-proof your ad strategy.



About the event

As of June 2023, 53% of advertisers mentioned facing issues with reaching target audiences at scale, 39% are figuring out how to prep for a cookie-less future and a whopping 51% want to maximize return on ad spend. Marketers and advertisers have trusted third-party cookies and device identifiers to track customer journeys, purchases, engagement, behavior, and personal preferences. But with the deprecation of third-party cookies, the impact of Apple's App Tracking Transparency and the browser's cookie policies has resulted in a significant loss of marketing signals. Most marketers will have to move their single source of truth from third-party platforms and own it themselves. Marketers need to focus on data collaboration, collection & measurement techniques that are not purely dependent on third-party signals. Let us dive in with our experts on how to address signal loss issues and future-proof your marketing.


  1. What signals do marketers look for across different stages of the customer lifecycle and what is getting in the way of recognizing them?
  2. How should marketers go ahead with a first-party data strategy & make this foundation strong moving ahead?
  3. How can advertisers reach target audiences with signal loss issues?
  4. How can advanced measurement techniques like MMM & IT come in handy for advertisers moving ahead?
  5. How to get a buy-in from the C-suite on first-party data strategy & infrastructure?
  6. What does the future of digital advertising look like with the loss of signal due to privacy changes and the deprecation of 3P cookies?


Behind the Mic

Isha Kembhavi

Isha Kembhavi

Principal Consultant - Marketing Analytics & Growth

With 7+ years of experience running campaigns across social, mobile, and programmatic channels, Isha is passionate about...

Frank Brandstetter

Frank Brandstetter

Senior Publisher Development Manager

A digital advertising professional with 9+ years of experience, Frank brings a wealth of expertise in media buying, camp...

Anant Damle

Anant Damle

Head of Solutions Architecture, Google Cloud - JAPAC

Experienced Solutions Architect & Engineer, skilled in ideating, designing & building large scale/distributed technology...