A Marketer’s Guide To Customer Intelligence

Leveraging identity resolution and data enrichment in a privacy-first world


A Marketer’s Guide To Customer Intelligence​

The marketing ecosystem and consumer behaviour is going through rapid and lasting changes with technology, new privacy regulations, and the global pandemic at the heart of it. While the industry has faced multiple challenges, none of them compare to this massive evolution. Consumers as well are becoming more and more privacy aware, but at the same time their expectations from brands are higher than ever, demanding a seamless and personalized experience. 

This whitepaper aims to breakdown the components of new customer intelligence and how identity resolution and data enrichment can help brands leverage it to optimize media spend, make better decisions and improve customer experiences. Check out our guide on:

  • The customer data problem and why your business need customer intelligence
  • What is identity resolution, customer graph and data enrichment and how they work
  • Use cases of customer intelligence
  • How to get your customer intelligence strategy started