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Whitepaper – A Marketer’s Guide to Audience Data in a Changing Advertising Ecosystem

The advertising ecosystem is changing. Advertisers are grappling with the changes in a post-cookie world as most major browsers have called for the deprecation of the cookie. Addressability decline is something advertisers will have to deal with, and they will need new tools, technologies and data sets in such times to guide them into a brave new world of advertising.

Case Studies

Leveraging data enrichment to optimize campaigns for a financial services brand

An Australia based financial services brand wanted to target parents who are looking to save up for their children’s education with their new savings products.


E-book: A Marketer’s Guide To Data Enrichment

Brands often gain insights to only a part of the customer’s journey, making their marketing strategies not as data driven as today’s age of personalization demands. Here’s a marketer’s guide to data enrichment to bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds

Case Studies

Proving marketing ROI with footfall attribution measurement to Volvo dealer showrooms

Volvo, a leading luxury automobile manufacturer wanted to measure footfalls driven to their dealerships throughout India as a result of their digital campaigns.

Analyzing the impact of digital campaigns Case Studies

Analyzing the impact of digital campaigns on footfall to DTAC store locations

DTAC, a leading telco in Thailand, wanted to target iPhone users based on certain real-world visitation behaviour with a campaign objective of increasing the sales of Apple’s latest devices.

ExxonMobil Tradedesk Lifesight Case Studies

Leveraging data enrichment for campaign optimization by a leading credit card brand​

Exxon Mobil, a leading oil and gas brand wanted to measure footfalls driven to their various gas stations across Singapore as a result of their digital campaign. The Trade Desk was used to deliver the campaign.


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