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Ecommerce Video Marketing: 20 Best Ideas + Inspiring Examples

Published On: 14 Apr 2023


Read on for Ecommerce video marketing and video ad inspiration. 20 excellent Ecommerce videos and actionable suggestions for Ecommerce and DTC business owners.

People, marketers, and businesses alike are obsessed with videos. People desperately want to watch videos. The meteoric rise of TikTok is a testament to people using videos as the de facto means of consuming content.

For Ecommerce brands, video marketing has an enormous reach.

Not just that, a 2023 Wyzowl study sheds light on how customers interact with videos.

  • Over 89% of people said watching a video convinced them to buy a product or service.
  • Video content is a key part of the online customer journey and it is used by customers in all aspects of their online lives.

What's more, 96% of video marketers found video marketing to increase the user's understanding of their products.

For Ecommerce/DTC businesses, video marketing not only helps you drive traffic to your website but also convinces these visitors to purchase your products.

That said, if you're just getting started with Ecommerce video marketing or video ads and looking for inspiration, keep reading. We share 20 effective Ecommerce video examples and actionable tips, especially for Ecommerce and DTC brand owners.

20 Underrated/best Ecommerce video marketing ideas

1) Make your product explainer videos interesting in the Bailey Nelson way

Product explainer videos are a great way to showcase the strengths and unique points of your Ecommerce products. You can demonstrate how your product is better than the average ones available in the market and it effectively addresses the pain points. The Bailey Nelson video is one of the best Ecommerce product videos that was launched as a part of the YouTube campaign.

The video comes a bit longer than the average ones, but don't let this dissuade you, you will be hooked every second of it. The video is creative, amusing, and highly convincing, making it a great explainer with a subtle pitch for the company.

The best part of this Ecommerce video marketing campaignwas a 40% increase in the branded search for Bailey Nelson.

2) Flaunt simplicity and elegance like Kelty Linger's product video

Flaunting the perfect duo of flexibility and simplicity without any nonsense - that's what makes Kelty's Linger side table Ecommerce product video example unique from its counterparts. Within 55 seconds, the video explains the product, how to install and the subsequent benefits. It covers every aspect of the product including the collapsible anodized aluminum frame and compact carry case that allures versatility.

3) Colorful stop-motion video: Sephora's Sugar Beauty

The beauty Ecommerce brand Sephora is known for uniquely bizarre yet elegant ideas and like always, they took social media by storm with this product video marketing campaign in 2021.

Although the DIY YouTube video is long, it shows viewers how anyone can do makeup at home. What's striking is that the video is helpful to Sephora's target audience and subtly promotes Sephora products.

The video was launched three years ago during Covid but is relevant even today.

The formula for the best product video examples: Evergreen content + easy for the viewer to implement.

4) Simple and to-the-point explainer videos the PopSockets way

Explainer videos are the perfect type of videos to show your product and explain how it works, and its key features.

PopSocket uses an easy-to-understand explainer video to showcase its new product MagSafe PopGrips. Note how the brand conveys the value proposition: ''60% stronger than most" even in a 6-second video both in the form of a caption and through visuals.

If your product is more complex than PopSockets, you'd need more explanation.

Ecommerce video ad tip: Choose 1-2 key features to highlight in your video and showcase the product in all its glory instead of covering all the features.

5) Optimize video ads for audio-independence

Undeniably, the right soundtrack can add personality and nuance to your Ecommerce explainer or product video. But you need to take into consideration the fact that over 69% of people watch videos without sound in public places and 25% of viewers stay on mute even in a private place.

What this means for your Ecommerce video marketing campaign is that if you're relying on soundtracks or AI voiceover to communicate your message, chances are you're missing out on potential customers.

Taking inspiration from the DTC snack brand SnackMagic which optimizes its video ads to be audio-independent with clear visuals and captions to communicate the message without sound.

6) Bloom & Wild - Tutorial videos with products in use in real-time

Tutorial-based video marketing examples show the products in real life and prompt the users about their correct usage of them. Bloom Wild partnered with Sculpd to create a selection of gorgeous pieces using the simple pottery and painting techniques taught in this video.

The benefit of using tutorial videos is that potential customers would find it easier to imagine themselves using the product. In addition, they help Ecommerce businesses retail customers by showing them how to make better use of their products.

7) An impactful brand narrative - Tiffany & Co.

Any Ecommerce product with intricate craftsmanship will benefit from a high-resolution close-up to highlight the finer points. Tiffany and Co. have taken craftsmanship to a whole new level with time-honored techniques to handcraft the most revered symbols of athletic achievement in nearly every notable field of sport.

A great Ecommerce video marketing idea is to showcase the story behind your brand or what goes into making your products. After all, the best way to connect with your audience is by humanizing your brand with an impactful storytelling narrative.

Subtle video marketing lets consumers focus entirely on the brand's narrative and storytelling without any distractions or promotions and enjoy the visual delight of genuine craftsmanship.

8) Beardbrand: Videos celebrating customers

The easiest way to add authenticity to your Ecommerce brand is to feature real, happy customers through your Ecommerce video examples. There's no better way to convince others how great your product or brand is than using a review, testimonial, or customer story video.

One of the most famous DTC brands Beardbrand has made a mark for itself by creating content that educates its audience; be it through blogs, guides, videos, or any marketing channels.

Beardbrand's YouTube channel has a highly successful ''Cut Loose Barbershop Series" where the brand works to break negative stereotypes around bearded men.

9) Get creative with your messaging the MADE way

MADE is a design-led furniture company with a strong Ecommerce presence. The brand is known to be obsessed with details and innovations.

True to the Ecommerce brand's reputation of being committed to pushing boundaries and challenging conventions, its Ecommerce video marketing campaigns reflect the same spirit.

If you're looking to make your Ecommerce video ads stand out, let your messaging be creative and subtle. Promote the uniqueness of your products with a fun and engaging storyline.

10) Tap into your customer base for product videos the Barkbox way

Monthly dog toy and treat box DTC brand Barkbox's Instagram channel is full of cuteness.

What makes it one of our favorite video marketing companies is the way the brand seamlessly integrates its customers (read dogs) into the videos. In this product shoot, behind the scene video marries products, customers, and some fun.

Ecommerce video tip: Don't shy away from asking your customers for product videos. If you're posting on social media, give due credit to users who shared the video, the Barkbox way.

Barkbox tags the user @tuckerbudzyn. It also adds social proof to the product videos of your DTC/Ecommerce brand.

11) Create a compelling story like CHANEL

People love to hear stories with a dramatic flair. CHANEL has transformed mundane fragrance ads into a persona that relates to the audience and gets them hooked on the product.

A question worth answering for your next Ecommerce video marketing campaign is: does the video reflect your brand's persona?

12) Promote customers as brand ambassadors - ASOS

A customer-filmed video is a great way to help others feel the excitement and anticipation of unboxing the product.

We love how this video campaign by ASOS promotes inclusivity and encourages its audience to be unique, authentic, and distinct in their own way.

Promote customers as brand ambassadors - ASOS

13) Bring your product to life like Redsbaby

The secret to converting first-time buyers into brand advocates is to invest in a content marketing strategy that resonates with your audience while educating them about your products.

Redsbaby is an Australian brand known for its stylish and functional baby products like strollers, prams, and accessories.

Its YouTube videos bring the product alive, show how customers can use it, and highlight benefits over features.

14) Infuse humor into your Ecommerce video ads like Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club's rise from one of the first DTC brands to a unicorn was fueled by several things. But one factor has always stayed consistent throughout its journey - humor through unique Ecommerce video marketing content.

The video marketing campaign is still considered to be the best product video in Ecommerce, even 7 years after the video was released.

While making Ecommerce video ads, consider infusing humor to connect with your audience to make your brand stand out amid the clutter.

15) Nail animated explainer videos like Tommy John undershirts

Explainer videos are widely used to explain your product in a short period of time. This ad by Tommy John starts with a problem statement of why men hate undershirts, then shows how Tommy John's undershirts are different from the others and cover product details: all while making the video a visual delight for viewers.

The brand's Instagram account features Ecommerce video reviews by real users. Using user-generated content as a part of your marketing campaign is an effective low-effort strategy.

16) Fit right into customers' shoes - Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo video introduces the 5th Gen model in line with customers' needs. The video does a great job of showing how useful the Echo can be and how seamlessly it can fit into customers' busy lives.

If your Ecommerce video ads address your customers' pain points directly and give them a fitting solution - then there's nothing like it.

17) FOMO-generating product videos like Peach and Lily

Peach and Lily is a Korean skincare DTC brand. Its Ecommerce video marketing strategy on Facebook covers a wide range of videos including tips on how to use products, skincare DIY ideas by the founder, and product launches.

This product video ad for its patented Gua Sha tool has several interesting points.

  • The title of the video (Selling out soon) garners curiosity and FOMO.
  • An added incentive is the free Luxe oil with the Gua Sha tool. Instead of the viewer getting to know about the offer on the landing page, the video reduces friction by showing the offer as well as including it in the video description.

18) Infuse visual effects with FiftyThree's pencil

Even a mundane ad can be completely transformed with visual effects by Ecommerce video maker tools. FiftyThree's video for its Pencil stylus takes a unique approach to live-action demonstration. Transitioning seamlessly from one shot to the next, the camera tracks the product and portrays a magnificent view of a ground-breaking idea.

19) Promote happy customers like Fabletics

There's nothing like shopping therapy and if promoted correctly, you are looking at an unprecedented uptick in your revenue. Fabletics focuses on how shopping makes people feel by showing a happy customer trying on her leggings and checking herself out in the mirror.

It successfully prompts customers with a strong hit of dopamine to chase the products and try it out for themselves.

20) Showcase your brand values the way ChopValues does

ChopValue creates beautiful and sustainable products that are engineered to last long. Their products are made from urban harvested materials with beautiful wooden designs. In addition, the brand knows how to tell a story and create an example of how easy a circular and sustainable economy should be.

If your brand supports a social or environmental cause, consider incorporating the messaging in your Ecommerce video marketing campaign. Chances are, your customers choose your brand over the competitors because they support your cause. Make sure to reinforce your brand values and the causes often instead of housing it as a page or paragraph on your website.


To summarize, the most successful Ecommerce video marketing examples are those that demonstrate the product's value, stay as brief as possible, focus on a strong narrative, and employ an authentic style while reflecting the brand values are most likely to be successful.


1) What are the different types of Ecommerce videos?

The 6 most prominent Ecommerce video formats are:

  • User-generated content
  • Video testimonials
  • Product tutorial
  • Explainer video
  • Educational videos
  • User-generated videos

2) How to choose the right platform for Ecommerce video marketing?

Choosing the right Ecommerce platform for your business is like laying the right foundation for a home. The critical aspects to consider are:

What is the aim of the video marketing campaign?

  • Is it a one-off video for brand awareness? Then hosting it on social media and promoting it through newsletters and email marketing makes sense.
  • Are you launching a video marketing campaign for lead generation? In that case, consider hosting the videos on YouTube and promoting them over social media platforms and email marketing newsletters.
  • Lastly, if you have the resources to create a regular product and Ecommerce video ads, along with hosting them on YouTube, and cross-promoting them on social channels, consider embedding them on your website or product pages.

3) What are some video production tips?

Video production plays an integral role in the success of the video. A compelling video connects your Ecommerce brand with the target audience and gets you the desired uplift in terms of sales, leads, and website traffic.

The best Ecommerce product videos have:

  • A compelling narrative where the viewer is hooked within the first five seconds
  • A subtle product promotion
  • Good lighting, background music, and short captions
  • A call-to-action
  • The video is optimized for SEO

4) What are the most prominent video distribution and promotion strategies?

Some Ecommerce video marketing and promotion strategies for improved reach are:

  • Embed the YouTube videos on your website and link to your YouTube channel.
  • Customize your thumbnail to get the best first-video impression with a combination of high-resolution images, human presence, contrasting colors, and short text (punchline).
  • Run PPC and social media ads to get more leverage from the videos.
  • Embed the Ecommerce product videos in your newsletters.

5) How to measure the success of your Ecommerce product videos?

Ecommerce video KPIs that indicate the success or failure of your video marketing campaign are:

Watch time - The total amount of minutes your audience has spent watching your videos. It's a ranking factor so you should aim as high as possible.

Traffic sources - Which are the best-performing channels in terms of traffic?

Click-through rate - Measure the percentage of viewers who click on your video's CTA. The higher the CTA, the more interested your viewers are in your Ecommerce ads/products.

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