Keeping prices competitive is important for any Shopify store wishing to stay competitive in the e-commerce space. With so many different types of Price Alert apps available, how can you decide which is the best one for your Shopify store? This article provides an overview of the best Price Alert apps for Shopify stores, making it easier for store owners to make an informed decision. The top apps are carefully selected based on the ratings and reviews from Shopify experts and customers in order to provide the most comprehensive list available. Key features for each app are highlighted for the readers, allowing them to make a decision based on their store's specific needs. So if you're looking for the best Price Alert apps for your Shopify store, then look no further! This article has you covered with all the information you need in one convenient location.

AmaZone DropShipper + Walmart

Dropship any Amazon Prime product and Deliver in just 3 days.




AmaZone DropShipper + Walmart is a comprehensive Shopify app that can help you import and drop ship items from a variety of sources including Amazon US, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, India, Japan, and Walmart (US). Through the app, store owners can get full automated price updates, allowing them to keep their imported up-to-date with any price changes occurring in the source store. Additionally, customers can also view existing reviews, product information such as estimated monthly sales and best seller rank (BSR), as well as price history and best seller categories. As a bonus, the app also provides customers with the option to add Amazon affiliates.

Discount Reminder

Boost sales by sending customers automated discount reminders




Discount Reminder is a Shopify app designed to help store owners automate the process of sending notifications when prices decrease. It allows customers to register for an instant email alert, so when the price for a product is decreased, they are sent an automatic notification. This streamlined process helps save time for store owners who may be manually tracking price drops and sending out notifications. Discount Reminder has a feature-rich interface with a sleek user experience, helping store owners with the process of managing discounts without difficulty.

The Watchlyst ‑ Price Alerts

Price drop alerts to bring back customers




The Watchlyst-Price Alerts app is a revolutionary way of capturing visitors with future purchase intent and bringing them back using price drop email alerts. By integrating this app into your Shopify store, you can ensure increased customer retention and higher sales by never having to lose a sale due to bad pricing, tracking product trends, and capturing leads from customers.These features make it easy to set up in minutes, personalize buttons and forms to sync with your brand, and send 1:1 personalized email alerts for each customer, all in real time. You’ll be able to engage with visitors, capture leads, and track product prices on autopilot.