Many Shopify store owners strive to provide customers with better shopping experiences by hiding product information like prices. To do so, they need the perfect app to hide prices. To make it easier for webmasters, this article provides a list of the best Hide Price apps for Shopify. By considering the features, pricing, customer reviews, and ease of use, the best apps have been carefully selected, making it easier for store owners to choose the right Hide Price app for their Shopify stores. The article covers features, pricing, customer reviews, and more to help readers make an informed decision about which app best meets their store's needs. With this useful resource, readers can quickly find the best Hide Price app for their Shopify stores.

B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price

Lock Wholesale, Secret/Password, B2B Login, Hide Price/Product




The B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price app for Shopify is a powerful solution to increase B2B users' signups, control product prices and features, and customize products only available to wholesale customers. Through this app, merchants are able to control access to specific content through different ways, including login accounts, entering passcodes or secret links, or subscribing to newsletters. This app also features the ability to hide prices from guests, hide products from any page, and provide password protection. The app is free; however, there are also additional pricing plans at $5/month, $10/month, and $25/ month for access to advanced features and more customization. The B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price app for Shopify is a great tool for merchants looking to control prices and content for their customers.

C: Request Quote ‑ Hide Price

Allow customer to request a quote & the price can be hidden.




C: Request Quote ‑ Hide Price is an excellent Shopify app that provides price negotiation options for its customers. This app allows customers to reach out to merchants directly and suggest their desired prices for products. Whether customers request for a single item, some products or an entire shopping cart, C: Request Quote ‑ Hide Price makes the entire process easy and enjoyable. With this app, Shopify merchants can boost up sales and also build a profitable pricing strategy to succeed in their businesses. It has exciting features such as cart request quotation, leading to conversion of quotes to orders with discounts, and also hiding the Add to Cart buttons and prices.

COD Fees & order verification

Cash on delivery COD verification via OTP | COD fees | Prepaid




COD Fees & order verification app is the perfect choice for any Shopify merchants looking to increase the efficacy and efficiency of their cash on delivery orders. The app helps merchants to verify their COD orders using SMS OTP or through link and gives them the flexibility to charge extra fees for COD orders if customers place a cash on delivery order. In addition to that, it also supports prepaid orders from customers by giving them discounts which can help incentivize customers to take prepaid orders - this feature is currently supported for Indian customers only. With the help of the app, merchants can save up significantly on their shipping costs and time.

EasyLockdown ‑ Wholesale Locks

Restrict access to content. Hide price. Wholesale lock.




EasyLockdown ‑ Wholesale Locks is a comprehensive access management tool for Shopify stores. It is designed for store owners and admins to restrict access to any page, hide prices, and create secure wholesale page locks. This application simplifies the process of creating accurate access rules and creating custom locks for content.

G:Request a Quote + Hide Price

Request a Quote, Hide Price, Request Quotes, Make an Offer




G:Request a Quote + Hide Price is an incredibly useful app that helps businesses of all sizes offer a request-for-price feature to their customers. The app allows customers to submit quote requests for any product, allowing them to bargain for the best price. With G: Request a Quote + Hide Price, businesses can easily convert a quote to an order, upload files to request for the quote, customize the quote form with the provided form builder, hide the product price and add it to the cart, and have an RFQ button on the product page, collection page, and cart page. Moreover, businesses can use the provided REST API access to send the RFQ as a PDF file to the customer.

Request a Quote & Hide Prices

“Request a Quote” button with custom contact form. Hide prices




Request a Quote & Hide Prices is an app designed to allow customers to request a quote, with the option to hide prices and "Add to Cart” button. It allows you to collect customer information and feedback which can be used to improve sales. The app also offers the option to add a “Multi Quote” button to allow customers to accumulate quotes for multiple items.This app makes it simple and easy for customers to inquire about the products and for store owners to easily receive and respond to inquiries. With secure platforms and custom forms, this app offers store owners everything they need to be successful.

Request a Quote Hide Price B2B

Conveniently Request a Quote and Hide Prices B2B inquiry




Request a Quote Hide Price B2B app for Shopify is an intuitive and invaluable tool for any business that needs to provide customized requests for quotes. This app is free to set up and will help companies save countless hours in quoting and customer support. Easily create and manage as many customized quotes with customers as you need. You can also customize pricing, features and other aspects of your quote pages.The Request a Quote Hide Price B2B App for Shopify can help you maximize the efficiency of customer support and quoting processes. This app provides a simple way to customize requests for quotes, as well as to hide prices and other elements from customers. Easily add "Request a Quote" buttons to select products, so that customers can quickly and easily submit their desired quote.